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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Its been totally shite so far. Came 15th in the 7.5k last night. Tonight has been a disaster so far. In the 100k i lose a 10k pot with KK v JJ. I then lose a massive pot in the 20k with KK v 1010 and 66(?)

Running really badly. Mut my patience and play have improved. Just made a quality representation in the 7.5k rebuy of trips. Holding 102 in the SB just me, the SB and a passive button. Flop comes 66Q. SB bets, i know he's not good enough to lead with a strong hand so i flat call, button comes along too. Turn makes a flush draw available. SB bets weak again, i flat call, button flat calls. River comes a K. SB checks, i bet 1/2 the pot, Button uses all his time and the both pas, obv to inflate my own sense of importance i show.

Come on, tonight im getting a result!


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