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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seriously frustrating evening. I must have written good 2000 words in the chat boxes tonight. Frequently cited words included donkey, fish, mug and future wsop champ. The play online in the small stakes $30-$50 SnG's is positively disgusting. The MTT standard is even worse. 8 way limpathon pot, flop of AJK, BB thinks nothing of check raising all-in with A9 into a raiser and 4 callers. This is a STANDARD play.
Try a steal with 98suited, get re-raised for your entire stack when ur near CL in a comp and then CALL OFF UR STACK- standard.
So many mugs, so little time. Won 4 $30 SnG's in a row today, didnt even do anything special, just thought about OTHER PLAYERS cards which is at least 2 levels above this lot. Im thinking of giving the fort knox challenge a go on VC. Basically you have to win 6 $50 Sng's in a row (6 seater) and you win $190k. Catch is that the rake is $9 per game, a bit steep methinks. Also, i reckon that thats where the stronger players have migrated to.
We shall see.

Im currently playing a tonne of comps every night, particularly enjoying the higher stakes rebuy comps where the fields are smaller and move making has a better chance of getting through. Havent had any succes yet but i wont bore you with the bad beat stories, uv heard them before im sure. Hoping that i can get a couple of decent wins this week, improve my roi in the $50 SnG's and then maybe treat myself to the green joker poker festival side events. Would be a good craic (apologies for cheesey crap).

I know how much effort i put into labelling myself as a loose aggressive maniac, but tbh im anything but online. Why should i need to be?

OK, prime example of donk play. $30 rebuy and im sitting pretty with 15k. I make a (rare) steal from the cutoff with 4d3d. Button and Bib blind call. Flop comes as good as it gets (kind of) 5d6dKc.
I represent AK as i want all the action in the world here, knowing i can either outplay them or hit my 15. I bet, both call. Turn comes 2clubs. Jackpot. Check, i bet, button folds, BB shoves in a massive checkraise coup that has me thinking am i beaten?. Nope, instacall. This guy has done that move with KJ no diamond. Send it.

My game is feeling really strong at the moment, my reads are great, ppl are min raising me all over the place and generally iv come to the conclusion that poker players in general are utter mugs.


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