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Friday, May 11, 2007

OK, poker post.
Been chatting to a few good players lately and the standard on VC is now generally considered to be so bad that elegant moves and semi-bluffs are having an extremely low success rate. Never has patience and discipline been so valuable an asset. Had a good week so far but it should have been better. Bubbled the 6k final table when amatay was railing me and had 2 good runs (into the last 50) in the 20k but no scores. My biggest downfall lately has been making too many moves late on.
Im going to try this weekend to work on efficiency and tightening up my hand requirements significantly. I bleed a lot of chips in the early rounds calling with speculative hands in early position. Whilst i appreciate that in the early stages of an MTT it is of vital importance to get your hands on the dead money's chips, it is only profitable when done from the backside. Too many times lately i have called utg with KQ and small pps only to fold to a bet later on. When you consider that every chip saved is amplified heavily in your future all-ins it is of paramount importance to be tight early on in ep. Efficiency is what im terming bet sizing. Making exactly the right bet to do the job, whether it is for information or value, making the perfect bet is from now on my sole aim. Every bet will be prepared in a vacuum.
Im going to stop bluffing. I assessed my bluffing success rate last night and found that less than 25% of my bluffs are getting through. Nearly all my big bluffs failed.

The most important thing iv learnt this week is big stack/big stack chip stack management confrontations. When you raise in late position with filthy stealing trash and another big strack calls you, im instantly figuring out how to outplay them. The thing is, out of position, its extremely hard. I usually donk off a lot of chips because ppl know ill bet for them. From now on, whenever any big stack gives me postflop grief, im playing small ball unless im big.

I just found a site on a blonde thread that is real funny. http://www.poker-edge.com

Strongbad991 Loose Aggressive bomb. :)

Which, incidentally is what all the pro's are..................must be doing something right.

So, im off for a bit of a swim (cant work out at the moment as a trod on a nail) before a nice meal and a night off the tables before caning it on Sat and Sunday for hopefully a big weekend.

GL all, see you at the tables.


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We see you've visited our website and given a link, but your link back is to poker-edge.com and not pokeredge.com.

We've put you on our blog roll. Please change the link in your post to point to us.


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