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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feeling sick, poker is being a grade A cunt to me at the moment. Everything is going wrong and the bankrol is disastrously short, really regret pulling out last weeks winnings. So many times today some eeeeeyoring cocksucker re-raises me with some KQ marginal shite and outdraws me. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Iv realised why check raising me with a shitty 7 high flush draw is such a gr8 play, coz it always fucking comes!

I started keeping note just to reassure myself im not doing anything wrong.

This hand had me close to tears. End of a rough night where iv seen my CL blown in 3 comps from different pricks trying the same donkey moves on me then hitting some 2-3 outer fishmug hand.

$5k rebuy, JJ v 22 in SB BB battle. Deuces make 5 high str8.

$7.5k rebuy, AA v AK, AK hits trips on K high flop. Later, KK v AQ on Q high flop. Standard that the A comes on the turn.

Last 35 of the $7.5k $100 fo and im 10th or so on 13k. Blinds are 200/400. Utg big stack limps along with 2 others, i have no information as iv just joined the table. I limp with Jc10c on the button. Flop comes J7c3. UTG bets out, like 800 into a 2k pot. Other limpers fold. I now put him on an overpair and call hoping to hit a J or 10. Turn comes Kc. He now bets again, small again. I now call praying that i can ding a club (i think he poss has a set of kings/AA). River, magic, the Qc.
He bets big now, im now certain he has a set and iv got a hidden flush, i jam. He has Ac9c for the completed runner runner nut hand. FFS. He is betting into 3 others with Ace high!!!!

20k $100 FO. AA v 1010 pre, standard 10 on flop. Later, AK v AQ bingo Q.

20k $10 rebuy, I do $80 getting it in ahead EVERY FUCKING TIME before quitting.

4k fo, KK v JJ for More chips than top 6 put together, J on river.

6k FO, Aces 1st hand, i shove coz i KNOW there will be some prick with 66 or whatever, sure enough, 2 callers. Both with shitty medium pairs. Obv one of them makes a set.

So, possibly my last stint online tomorrow night, fuckit. MTT poker is basically the same as buying a fucking lottery ticket.


Blogger dibble said...

ul alex bud :(

12:14 PM  
Blogger LeKnave said...

Oi, if ur gonna link it. its http://leknavepoker.blogspot.com
not leknave.blogspot.com!

Urs has been saved in my fav's for a while, il give u a link back now.


6:45 PM  
Blogger Chip_Rich_the_grinder said...

well...thats not my blog

6:55 PM  
Blogger Amatay said...

Jeez, u get some much bollox in there tourns. siiiiik m8

2:13 AM  
Blogger Jack Dashed said...

I'm pretty new to this poker business but I've experienced a number of runs like this when I've been outdrawn time after time at the river by people who just had no business being there in the first place. It drives me to despair too (and the stakes I play for are massively smaller than yours) but, I have to confess, it wasn't long ago that I was such a fish and I sometimes hit big pots after limping all three streets and getting lucky on 5th.

The key for you has to be to be able to play those same people over time because, over time, they will lose all their bankrolls (as I did - quickly - twice until I tightened up).

May I ask: was your bankroll big enough to weather the downside of full-time play ie runs of the sort you describe? (Obvious answer is 'no', it seems from your latest post).

Also: did you go on tilt at any time - maybe when small-stacked - and so give it away at the end?

I'm not presuming anything here just wondering.

Best wishes,


11:25 AM  

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