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Friday, May 04, 2007


Ok, so since coming home iv been 6 tabling 1/2 cash with a lot of success, until yesterday. I was playing super aggressively, which was working on nearly all my tables until yesterday when i tried to take the easy Aussie money at midday. So sick. I spun $200 on 1 table up to $600. Then i thought, ok, iv been going really well on this table and can afford to take a shot with this tables winning in a bigger game. So stuck the full £300 on a juicy looking table of $3/$6. Got a feel for the table then this hand. Dealt KK in the BB. Guy makes it $24 to play UTG, 2 callers, everyone has deep stacks. I make it $100. 1 caller. Flop comes 458 two spades. Not ideal. I bet 1/2 the pot, he calls. Turn is another King. He checks, now the pot is $600 so i jam. Cunt has called a re-raise pre with 67spades and aint going anywhere. I then get shown a very good bluff on one of my tables and BOOM. Tilt kicks in. Drop 4 buyins and 3 days of hard work is undone.

But on the bright side the roll is better than it was, and the standard of MTT player on Ipoker is shite. With that in mind im planning on playing two 18 hour poker sessions this weekend, on the Saturday and Sunday evenings. I reckon i can play 60 odd MTT's and should be able to get a score or two. With that in mind if anyone has any really neat tips to give me i dont already know about please tell me now. As always, you know the names Strongbad99 on VC, drop by, say hello. Ill give a post on the entire sessions on Sunday morning and Monday morning.


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