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Monday, April 23, 2007

Time in Thailand has nearly expired. Had a fantastic time but looking forward to coming home, namely because iv got so much to do. Off to Majorca for a couple of weeks in 5 weeks or so for some more sun which will be great. This coming weekend have my B-day bashment and also the Blonde Bash 4 @ Luton which will be fantastic. The HU comp should be a piece of cake.

Our team (Luton Losers) consists of Jim "Dave77" McShane, Ian "Xpressman", Justin Turner, Dave " Mupp" and myself. Out 1st match is against the rather talented Pokier Girlies, who boast the (ex) Mrs Colclough and (gulf) the Tribeca legend PFFA. Ooops.

On the poker front iv been trying to keep on top of my game out here. The midday heat is simply unbearable, so iv been making full use of the internet and other resources daily. Iv read and re-read some old favourites, been looking at various forums hand analysis and generally been focusing on getting back into business. Poker funds a re VERY low and im gonna need a great run in order to play the games im used to again. Its a little sad, but when you overspend like i do sometimes you have to live with it. If you cant do the time dont do the crime. Congrats to Dave Colcough for winning the GUKPT Manchester and lets hope Marc Goodwin does well in the $25k WPT event. That might be enough to get him out of the Ivey Hustle hole.

Look forward to seeing some of you at the Blone bash on sat 28th April and if any of you owe me money, I WILL BE COLLECTING. nh, gg, gl, gfy :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there mate, glad to hear you had a great time in Thailand. Hope things are going well poker wise since your return. No updates?
I've lost your mobile number (problems with my mobile again) send it to me at david.halfacree@ntlworld.com and i'll give you a call.
The bass fishing is excellent already (very early in the year by normal standards) so let me now if you fancy coming down.


9:06 AM  

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