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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ouch. Havent had one for a while so i guess im due. big downswing. Not sure on exact amount but think its like $10k, mainly due to never being able to win a flip anymore. Luckily i dont have to be too concerned as my bankroll is infinite, well not mine but Zim smith's :) Playing pretty good but some of the regs are trying to fuck with me, which is understandable, but leads to some crazy spots.

Thanks for the comments b4 btw, although anonymous please come forth and tell me who you are, weasels that hide behind internet anonymity do fuck me off. I know it will change soo (it always does...) but right now i need the money more than anything, ngst other things, but thinwith the house costing an absolute fortune and the deadline for works soon approaching. I cant afford to go out at the moment or do any of the finer things in life, but hopefully by August/September it will be ok again, with like a small amount of money available to me that the missus hasnt whipped away for some megaflow or sink that needs purchasing.

Had to do a best mans speech for Seb on the weekend. Hmmmmm, that was one of the toughest things id done in a while. The party was a mixture of conservative Germans (Sebs mothers side, travelled over), a tricky crowd from Singapore (Selina's folks)
and the usual smattering of easy to please drunk brits. Id love to say we smashed it, but the confidence of my co-pilot failed and i spent most of the speech keeping my eye on his shaking hands. Also i had toned down the speech way too far owing to the blend of values in the room and felt i let him off waaaaaaaaaaaay too lightly. We had one joke that was going to compare Seb to Michael Jackson (he wants to be a child doctor, is it paedeatrician?) and we had to axe it last minute for fear of killing him too much, but in hindsight would have gone down a storm. I have to say its pretty fucking difficult to be a best man, with the massive amount of organisation involved with the stag do and everything im glad its over, and really happy for the pair of them. I love them. On the subject of romance me and the missus had a drunken chit chat and things are probably in motion :) Looks like probably in the next 2 years tbh. I always said id wait till i was like 35ish to prevent the mistakes that my Dad made (having kids too early, breaking families etcetc) but i guess you have to make your own way in life sometime or other.

On a completely unrelated note, someone pointed out my "other" blog the other day. I re-read it and was astonished about how embarassed i was reading it. Not sure why, maybe iv matured a little. Anyhow, i cant decide on whether to post again and stir myself up or remove the thing. among i could have written it better and with a little more class. I think ill bring across my rants to this blog actually, given im incredibly pissed off with government and will probably turn to eco-terrorism in the near future unless something is done about it. No joke, im on life tilt right now.

Rant- so like 3 years ago i studied climate change in depth for a period at uni (brag obv). If the earths overall temperature rises by 1 degree c the effects are enormous. Earth is already as warm as at any time in the last 10,000 years, and is within 1 °C of being its hottest for a million years. The recent meeting held between the big industrial countries, G8 has tried to limit increases to 2 "C by 2050. WHAT THE FUCK. an increase of 1 degeree will wipe out 30% of the worlds species. We are so close to the brink of the collapse of our planet and world leaders are preoccupied with recession? Its embarassing. They have had like 5 chances over the last 3 years when in massive meetings they could have made a pledge to address the balance and make big changes, right now. Thats what we need. Massive changes right now. They have 1 more chance in Copenhagen in December. Get a government order do get hold of the patents bought by oil companies in the 80's regarding water cars ran on hydrogen fuel cells that actually worked with low risk. Stop people having more than 2 children, infact go to 1 child for the next 100 years. Sterilise women after birth. Put super tight control on IVF. Stop building new fucking roads, can you imagine how we will look back at something like the M25 WIDENING in 30 years time. They will say what the fuck were these idiots thinking. Stop cheap airfare. Put a massive levy on the worst polluters we have. A single person is a rational, thinking, compassionate body. People on the other hand are selfish, greedy and irrational. That is why we have government. If i cant afford to fly to Manchester, then guess what, i'll get a much cleaner train. I know we are all guilty, but we need to change bigtime NOW. I dont want my kids living in a world where they cant go and look at the great barrier reef, or cant eat salmon. If we let the temperature rise by 1"C, the arctic permafrost will melt. This is the biggest store of readily released methane on earth and will spell the end of the earth as we know it. Ozone cannot be repaired. We dont get to reload after we make a hero call this time.


Anonymous Anthony said...

And I always thought you were a dumbass.
Nice speech.
Maybe you should stop playing poker on the internet. It would help save the world and save you an absolute fortune in the process.
Alex for PM.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Hehe, assume this is anthony from luton. Only then could i excuse the awfully blunt tone of your voice :)
How are you you old miser?

p.s hope plo is going better.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Yorkshire Pud said...

I think it would have been great if you'd have used the Wacko Jacko joke and the whole room just stopped dead, mouth's open!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anthony said...

PLO is the future, apart from Badugi.
Things go well when i'm focused and play properly.
Things go bad when I 10 table and try to bluff my way through.
will probably bump into ypu in Luton during GUKPT fessie if you're there.
Good luck

10:31 PM  
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