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Monday, March 23, 2009

Okok fish im writing for you. Been pretty tough @ martin towers last few weeks, my opr on fulltilt is ridiculously bad and iv worked out why. I kinda treat mtt's as a little joke at the end of a cash session, which is really not clever. These things are pretty tough now and unless you put in the effort you aint gonna make the grade. I normally reg, then about 1 hour in think hmmmm, something decent on tv, want to go out etcetc and just donkoff. Not clever. Im gonna be a little more focused in the future, playing the smaller fields in the rebuys and 6m arena (long-handed nitfests with super slow structures are like pain personified, where is the skill in waiting for your opponent to make a mistake?) and hopefully bink something.

Played last night, had one hand in the 80k on betfair that i just cannot understand and i see more and more. Like regularly now i see the BB snap calling button shoves for huge chunks of his stack with no hand. Last night, ave 10k, i got 6k @ 400/200/50 and open shove btn. BB snaps me off playing 8k with Q8o. I dont get it? Is that really the best spot u can find for making chips? Calling off 75% of ur stack with Q8 in a $500 comp. Gimme a break. He then justifies by saying "the last 2 times i 3b shoved and u folded, so i figured this time u would shove" well thats all well and true mate, but ur forgetting you have QUEEN 8! He probs stoved it and given he dominated 70% of my 8's it was a close but correct call. fk me.

Anyway, unregged from stuff on fulltilt and 1 tabled a little comp on betfair, which boxerdean from bb was railing me (cant say coaching :) ) through and i utterly crushed. I made some ridiculously huge laydowns v other bigstacks in the runin simply because i didnt want big chip confrontations. AQs v a sb call and a bb squeeze sticks out in the memory. I was allowed by some fantastically weaktight players to dominate and felt in complete control till hu when even with a 4:1 lead i was tired and made mistakes. He was vul to lose. Still got there in the end and had my second online mtt win of the year wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lol.

Cash has been interesting, had some bad runs @ 500nl a little while ago but now back on track, need to really pull my finger out in remainder of march to get back on target. Im running at 11bb/100 over 100k hands so far, which is lovely but i need to put in more hands, i play everyday but im still lazy lol, especially when it comes to playing at the peak 7-10pm twilight zone.

On the coaching front, i now have my two students for now (out of 3 enquiries, sigh ;) ) and hopefully they will get what they want out of it. Putting a lot of time in and taking an effective paycut but i hope to learn a little too whilst im at it, so can cost this several ways.....

Badbeat poker grading takes place in a couple of weeks. As one of the 50 i sevretly think i will crush, but am a little concerned with the amount i have to outlay in week 4, hopefully ill run good up till then. Writing some stuff for their website today which hopefully will meet snoops+co's criteria :)

London gukpt stuff this week, unfortunately im pretty skint at the moment after various bits and pieces so wont be attending, but good luck to all in attendance, take home mad dimes!!!!!!!


Blogger reevio said...

Don't pretend you're not gonna come along and abuse your status as a "former" VIP on the bar tab.


6:04 PM  
Blogger nhggfu said...

lol @ playing 500nl and being too skint to play a +EV GUKPT fish

get it sorted!

3:43 AM  
Blogger Yorkshire Pud said...

You should see some of the shit you have to dodge when you play $1-$10 MTT's like me. Absolute fucking joke I can tell you!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Alex

I would like to advertise on you blog, not a banner or stuff like that.

E-mail me if you are interested.

I use Paypal to make the payment.

solobueno AT g_m_a_i_l DOT c_o_m

4:33 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Firstly, is that an invitation Jamie? Can i come down tomorrow and get comped :)

Niall, i havent had a big payday for like 2 months now.....im not rolled for £1.5k donkaments+ £500+ ex's, especially when my no.1 backer ignores me.... :)

Yorkshire, hehe i know mate, been there done that, weather the storm and dont ever cbet unimproved...iv also given you your wish, article on seat selection coming soon (next issue) and probs one of my best articles (coz its simple and correlates with my brainpower duh).

Jerry, iv responded, ill be a whore for a reasonable fee :)

7:20 PM  
Blogger Yorkshire Pud said...

Great stuff re the seat selection piece, will look forward to it

8:23 PM  

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