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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time for an update. Firstly, coaching enquiries please just email me at alexander_martin@hotmail.co.uk , i dont have time to be messing about on various forums pm'ing blablabla. I will respond promptly.

Month has been reasonable, had my 1st serious downswing of the year last week, think i logged 4 losing days before coming good again. wiiiiii long live short ds's. been doing my absolute conkers on fulltilt mtts of late, cant seem to catch a break in the endgame and its getting a little frustrating. I went deepish in the 750k on sunday but alas my exceptionally spewy bluff didnt get past top 2. Infact i got slowrolled. The most infuriating thing about tilt imo is immediately after busting a comp it closes the table. So unless you know someone on your tables name you cant go back, find them and abuse the hell out of them (not that i would condone that fo course ;) ). Anyway, mtt's seem a lot tougher now on the us sites, which is a bit depressing.

Went to the launch of blackbelt poker on monday, went for a beer w JimJam before and tried to steal raaby's little comping book in the vic. Didnt get it but ill try harder next time :) anyways looks like mr. channing+co have made some pretty shrewd observations about the uk poker scene. I have been asked to contribute some strategy stuff and will probably have a go at their grading system when it is released. Looks like a pretty generous vegas package they are offering (50 ppl go for grading, 8 ppl get a 20k vegas package (brown belt), rest get something or other, think green belt? gets $1500 a month for live donkaments. Basically, they are launching a site on ipoker, plus they are setting up a training site/forum specifically for pros and neil is giving away 250k in vegas but is going to judge ppl over 4 weeks on his site....smart idea see. Anyhow, i like the idea and my experience with all of this kind of stuff is put something in and somewhere down the line you might get a favour elsewhere, so iv told nick and neil ill contribute some strategy and put some money on ipoker, again.... Obv night got pretty messy pretty quick so i stopped drinking and then just milled about in the empire until 1st tube.

Off to Venice on weekend for a little r+r and some nice grub. One of the few euro cities im excited to be visiting so hopefully that will be sweet. Setup our little vegpatch on the weekend with some railway sleepers, really itching to move in but gonna be a while yet. Looks like we could be getting a dog, but to be honest depends a lot on how much i can clear this month. Obv black and white springer for general crazy excitability and awesomeness for flushing/retrieval. Will update soon....



Blogger vinny said...

who the fuck asks you for coaching? Jeez, some people must be desperate :-)

9:59 AM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Update soon?!?!?

Define soon? lol

12:01 PM  

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