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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fuck it. Last night i lost $180 pot with all the money in pre-flop with KK against AQ. Damn. The plus side is my cash game is bang on at the moment, ppl know i bluff ALOT and have started fighting back with inferior goods when i actually get a hand. My QQ raise to $20 preflop (.25/.50 shorthanded table) got re-raised by 77 last night....YUMMY :)
Im gonna win a ton this weekend and start increasing my bankroll to a more substantial figure. Im going to stop posting my account amounts due to the fact that some uncrcupulous fucker tried to access and remove $ from 1 of my accounts. Not that easy without my say so punk (in reality its only because i check my account daily that i noticed, im changing my passwords monthly from now on).
Im may go luton this saturday, i may not, ill see how i feel. I will only be playing the £20 re-buy if i win cash in the £10 re-buy earlier however. Im going to qualify for a couple of the bigger kiddies this weekend via satellite or TEC. I need a big tournie Cash injection in order to start playing semi-pro. £600 just doesnt cut it lol.

Good luck to all the lads that play poker and read this tripe, Matty brownlo, Rob "aces" apple, Seb Gray.

Tip of the day will be posted later when i get a chance. It will involve bet size...i can hear the excitement over the LAN....


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