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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Having got the online bankroll back to healthy status this weekend.....mainly due to my freind Seb's supremely intelligent decisions (i just made the Tea), i proceeded to take a bit of a hit last night. I played for a bit and got it up to $300. I then decided to enter the 15k gauranteed $18 rebuy tournie. This is a really weak field and i immediately bought in again (starting stack 2k) so i could cover all the fishies at the table. 7th hand in i find AQo in the SB. 4 limpers, i limp too. Flop comes A,K,10 rainbow. Happy days. 2 guys bet this flop for me on the flop. I call. Turn comes (and im praying it doesnt pair the board) a brick and all the chips go in the middle. River comes another King but no-one seems to have a full house and ive tripled up to 14k.

Next key hand i get AA UTG+2. EP raises to 500, i make it 1500. 4 callers. Flop comes down horrible. Coordinated, and coloured. 10,j,4 2 hearts. Bollocks, theres a fair chance one of these buggers has a set. Anyways it all goes in and this pot is HUGE. 23k and i have to dodge nearly every card in the deck, which i dont and the guy to my right gets the nut flush.

Next hand AA in EP again. I opt to limp as its near the end of the rebuy period when sparks start to fly. Late position raises, blinds call, i go all-in 1 caller (A,10) and im back up to 13k.

Next hand, AQs in the BB. EP limper with a healthy stack. Interesting this, normally alarm bells are ringing but iv just seen him limp in EP the hand beofre with q,10 o so he doesnt have to have a hand. 4 limpers and theres 4.5 k in the pot. I go all-in as i think no-one will call, which they dont.



I get QQ immediately after aforementioned hand in the SB. Late position raises to 3k. I dwell, but iv seen his hands and he could easily have KJ, A,10 here. I go all-in. He types, "this is a bad call"....and calls with QJs. Fucker hits a flush on turn. He types" ul mate gg" I type "yba gg all, gl".
How he did that illl never know. But im grateful those ppl are out there. Honestly, theres more dead money in these gtd re-buys than a Jewish cemetary.

Must make a fleeting comment to Dave here. Well don last night in the HU challenge sir. The bugger beat me 4-0, which aint al that easy. He says he doesnt have a tell on me but im certain he does, he always lays down his good hands when i have a monster. Excusing his luck, he had AA and had to hit an A on the river.... and he had KJ v my JJ and the flop brought 1 king, and just to be sure the turn brought another; HE OUTPLAYED ME. He kept me guessing by betting out his trips and slow-playing in equal proportion, bluffing 10% of the time and gernerally being annoying. Well done son.

Tip of the Day. AA looks so pretty pre-flop but is sure as hell aint after. Know when ur beaten, if ur getting serious heat in a cash game post flop (even .25/.50 stakes) get out of the fire.


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