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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So much for a break. Im consumed by poker and its not gonna give. Played footie last night and had a great game. Scored a cracking volley from a corner and played my socks off. My kid bro had a car accident last night but he's fine. So is his mate who is lucky to be alive after committing the schoolboy error of not wearing a seatbelt. He got catapulted about 25ft and has totally smashed up his arm. My bro got some glass in his hand so good luck with the operation Johnny.
Im going to use some of my action points from UB and VC tonight. I have about 40k on VC and that will allow me to play some really nice freerolls.

Good news is a check form UB finally got paid in today. Im taking it real easy at the moment.

Might play tonight if the lads are up for it.


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