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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Its update time. I played a few freerolls on VC and guess what, I actually won come cash!!
Bang went the idea of not playing for a while. Won about $20 which I took to the micro stakes cash tables and got up to $40 in about 3 hours. Not bad. Played a $10 SnG and placed 1st. Played another and placed 1st. Woohoo, guess who’s BACK!
Played a little more cash and turned $20 into $50 in the very 1st hand I play. I pick up kings and someone sets me in. Naturally I call and he shows QJs. Not this time fucker, as regular readers will know that same hand raped me about 1 week ago for $100 and put me on tilt.
So now, from $20 I had about $130. I decided to continue the run and (stupidly) played a $20 sng and the $18 re-buy. I got outplayed in the SnG by someone who slowplayed the Aces in position behind me and on a flop that looked edible for my Jacks, he gobbled me and my chips up. Nice play sir, you wont catch me complaining about being outplayed. I kept an eye on him and he came second after a gut-wrenching bad beat. Made me feel better that sometimes good players get fucked hard. In the $18 re-buy I did OK. 360 odd runners and a 15k gauranteed prize pool meant for a good tournament. I nailed it down from the off, the rebuy period was manic and I had soon accumulated 10k in chips (starting stack 2k). I then went card dead for an eternity.
I played some chip bleeders out of position (I have finally learnt my lesson). I also had to lay down some horribly marginal hands like 99 and AQ preflop when I was calling for all my chips. I stole my way up to about 20k and then this happened. No cards for 15 minutes with high blinds. I then won a small pot and was back to 20k. By now the blinds were immense and there were only 50 left. 28 get paid and I knew it was time to get busy once we got nearer the bubble. I picked up A5s in the BB and it gets folded round to the SB who sets me all-in. This is an obvious steal, I call and he has 9,6 off. He hits, I don’t and now im a short-stack at this table of monsters. I move around a bit and get back to 16k when this happens. Blinds are 4k, 2k respectively. I find KQs in UTG+2. I don’t know what to do here. In retrospect I do. I decided that once the blinds went through me I was going to get called by the big blind form then on so I made a decision and went with the hand. Yep all-in with KQs. I get called by AQ and its all over. I finished in 40th. Im so annoyed at myself as this is not the right hand to go all-in with in EP. Probability wise t he majority of hands that will call you here are dominating hands like AQ or AK. I would have rather gone AI with J,10os. Another weak finish but im not complaining. If I had beaten that guy who had 9,6 then I could have been more patient or stolen more depending on my feel for the table. Next time gadget, next time…
Tip of the Day. If you have to go all-in try and get all-in with 2 LIVE cards. Something like suited connectors 6,7s or a small pair. Try and avoid being dominated when you are forced to go all-in form an early position.
Im back however and will be playing $10 SnG’s till im healthy again. IE up to $300. Then I might dabble with cash again and if I win reward myself with some MTT’s.
Good luck ladies. Manyana.


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