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Friday, March 10, 2006

I had someone question me the other day on the title of this blog. I explained its what it feels like when my aces get cracked DEEP into a tournament. I couldnt give a fuck about it at the start or even in the middle stages. Its the last 2 tables where getting all the money in preflop to get broken by a smaller pair etc REALLY hurts.
Im looking foreward to this weekend, i have lots of time for poker and im probably going to Luton for their £10 and £20 rebuy tournaments. Saw a few characters last time i was there so it would be quite nice to play with em again. And hope my ladies stand up to a bit more than 10,8soooottteeedddd.
Ill check the bank balance later today and see if my check has cleared yet. If it hasnt the £20 rebuy might be dependant on whether i win the buy-in in the £10 rebuy lol. Have i mentioned i live in a caravan and feed my kids pot noodle.......

Tip of the day- Dont take your foot off the throat. When finishing an SnG in heads up play wait for an opportunity to smash your opponents stack. Then, once he has been wounded put your foot on his throat and push down hard. This is your tournament and winning is a vital skill. If he starts to push all-in when short stacked and the blinds are high you can play against him a couple of times wothout risking his stack becoming dangerous. And King or ace should be played
of course but i also like the raggy crap like Q,10;Q,9;J,10 etc. Only because if he is any good he will be pushing with any king or ace. He's not that big a favourite and coupled with the fact that you will
a) lose your blind undefended.
b)If you let him recover he will be much harder to beat as his confidence will be high (as well as his stacks).

KILL THE GUY!!! Steal his blind EVERY round if he's passive, trap him if he's aggressive. ITS EASY!!!!


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