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Friday, April 07, 2006

Drunkrolling!! Woohoo baby.

This weekend see's me playing some serious poker. Im playing in the £1500 main event at Luton and the £750. I wish. Ill be playing at the .25/.50 NL tables grilling my favourite fish, friday night drunkards. Finishing work at about 4pm today, gonna go for a run (if its not raining) then have a relaxing bath and a sweet 4 hours kip. Ill then be getting up and playing in all the nice tournies and cash games with tired/ drunk people in abundance. Ill be feeling sharp as a razor. I might even use a TEC or try a satellite for a big event on UB/VC/Stars and just play for the first 2 hours while watching the Sopranos. This is quite controvertial, but i believe in allowing people to try little moves and steals at pots early in the tournie....then snapping them off when you get a legit hand. I know how to win MTT's. Iv done it before. give me a testosterone injection around the bubble and let me win a coin flip or two when someone fights back and ill be on the podium with a fat grin.
I might be playing at Luton at some stage on the weekend, as the cash games might well be V.Juicy. But probably, ill just keep grinding online.

Played at VC the other night in a freeroll satellite for the WSOP. All final table players make it to the monthly final. 1st one, 467 runners, i finished 16th when ai with AA and a huge stack up agains the only other big stack at the table. He thought i was stealing and re-raised me then spiked a lucky 7 with his 77 to make a set. Honestly. Never mind though, less than 2 hours later, another freeroll MTT for the same event....67 runners !!! LOL Cruised to FT and had some fun on the way. Made a shit load of notes on a few players who get wayyyyyyy out of line lat eon and got lucky. Ill be picking my spots if i get on any of their tables deep in.

End of the month will be something like 500-1000 runners for 1 WSOP place. Shit, but heh, its free. And most importantly, it allows me to live the dream and imagine what could be!!!

Honestly, even though id love to go if i won a seat, my brain would get the better of me and id have to sell. Even if Tiffany "im a Lawyer, so im allowed to get lucky 8 times" Williamson won 400k, id rather do it my way and win summat on merit. Im not good enough to beat Luton £20 final tables so id be seriously dead money in that kind of field. But i can still dream of outdrawing that idiot Tony G at a table and maxing a random fishy comment. Id LOVE that. Never seen someone act so badly to others and get away with it so often. If he did some of the stuff he does to guys to me, id probably swallow a couple jokes then smack him when he crossed the line.
Do you reckon id get sponsorship for that? Shit, i might just go to the WSOP just for the chance ;)


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