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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wish me ( and Arsenal) luck tonight. The Luton Comp kicks off at 8.30pm and the arsenal game kicks off at 7.45 so I had a bitch of a toss-up. Never one for half measures I opted for the compromise. Im going to watch the 1st half from the Luton Bar and then beg the cardroom manager to get a good seat overlooking the widescreen. I may miss out on a little of the information while following the match but its rookie night so for the 1st 45 of the rebuy period that shouldn’t matter.
I played the £20 PL game last Saturday and did OK. 1st main hand I get KK UTG. 1 EP Pot bet, I raise, all folded round to him and he goes AI. Never played with him before and was fully expecting to see the Bullets, but what do you know 66 is an all-in re-raising hand (in his defence it was the re-buy period, but they weren’t even sooted!).
Next hand I get Q4os in the BB. 5 Limpers, I obv limp too. Flop comes AQ4rainbow. Hmmmmmm. Its PL so this is a definite trap-laying flop for me in the re-buy period. 1 EP raise, 1 short-stack all-in, 1 LP caller, I re-raise. 4 ppl in this pot. Only thing im realistically worried about is the A4 that dave could be holding. Alas no, im up against A9, Q,10(Dave),88. A four on the turn seals the deal and makes me feel better.
A couple of positional steals and continuation bets and im looking good for chips. Average is about 3.5k around the rebuy period, I have 11k after the 1k add-on.
I tell myself, sit tight till the blinds get reasonably large. I must have still been deaf from the pigeon shooting earlier as I don’t listen. I find A10s on the Button. A MP raise by a (self-confessed) newbie. I have played with him a few times before and he has done this with raggy aces. I decide to see a flop. Mistake No.1
Flop comes 224, with 1 heart. He goes all-in. I mull. I ask if he has a raggy ace, he says no. His bet is 2.5k and the pot is 3.5k. I somehow convince myself that they are good odds (caused by me calling pre-flop with junk anyway) and call thinking he has at best A, small card. WRONG. He flips AQ and im walking wounded. Problem is, when I play in this conservative style, people notice when I switch gears. I win a few blinds then find JJ on the button. I raise pot, BB thinks then goes All-in. Fuck. Anyone else and this is an instant call. But he is REAL tight and a solid player. Dang. I finally realise he’s short on chips too and call, plus he might think im at-it. I ask him if he thinks im at-it. He doesn’t look like he’s winning. I call he flips KQs and I hate this part. I deal myself a Jack on the flop and its happy days. Back up to 14k.
I steal a few blinds then this hand happens. Im in the BB with K3s. 3 Limpers, 1 all-in (tiny stack)…. All limpers call bar 1.
I call.
Flop comes K58 with 2 clubs. Small blind (tiny stack) moves all-in. This pot is mahusive now. MISTAKE!!! I don’t take long enough to assess the situation. EP limper cannot have a monster or even semi-monster, iv seen the hands he RE-RAISES with (Kjo). Late position cannot either, as they were both given the option preflop TWICE to raise. My main fear here is K10 or KJ, hands that some ppl (myself included) limp with.
I make the feeble play of betting 1/3 of my stack. 1 caller. Now with the 2 clubs I wanted to know where I stood and thought this was a good feeler bet. Note to self..don’t think unless you really are going to ENGAGE.
He called ( found out later with Ac5h) and when a 5 came on the turn I thought that was a nice enough card for me, and I didn’t want to let him flush, plus I cannot put him on a king now and think im good. As soon as he calls (which he did instantly, thanks mate) I know im history. He did nothing wrong, I did nothing right.
Finished in about 14th out of 60, so its ok, but I felt good and the hands I played (except 1) I played ok in.
Im playing the £10 re-buy tonight which by all accounts is similar to a crap-shoot in the dark. Just wait 3 hours and see who’s still alive before you actually start playing any "real" poker. I reckon that’s bull-shit and if you can’t beat rookies, you shouldn’t be allowed to whine. Note: statement may be retracted after suffering more runner runner sick outdraws than a flora London marathon attended solely by Paula Radcliffe clones.
Think the Arse should spank these Italian’s, the weather looks quite rainy and a greasy Highbury will work for us. Cant wait for the geriatric brigade to get spanked by our rockets and Terry Henry in the wet is like the Energiser Bunny on Speed.
Love Yall, will blog winning post tomorrow.


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