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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Luton 18th April 2006. Its time for me to have a break for a bit. My live play has been ok late but my decisions have been wrong lately. Listen to this though. My mate Rob decided to play a cash game at Luton last night (at which there was a grade A twat- scottish drunk with a trashy girl). He sent me this at work.
"Last night was fun! I was down to £130ish, got dealt pocket 8’s, I raised pot, only £21, got 2 calls then a re-raise of £100 comes in, now I know this guy is on AK or Q’s, but I call anyway coz I feel lucky. Flop comes down J 6 8, absolute quality, the only way I can lose if is he has pocket J’s. Turn comes 5 or 7, I don’t know I was celebrating in my head already. By this time I’m all in, the pot is pretty big, lots of black chips! River comes 6, Full house ding ding ding!! The only way I can lose is if he’s got pocket J’s or pocket 6’s so I’m pretty happy. He turns over Pocket Q’s (what a perfect read pre-flop??!!) and think’s he’s got me well beat, I turn over my pocket 8’s and walk off with £414. And so continues my streak of never being down at that casino…."
Nice one Rob. Makes up for you sucking out on AK with KQ last week for your last £ ;)
Congratulations Mr Oliver Nichols (prolly spelt wrong but wgaf?) who played his 1st ever live tournie last night and came 5th. Very respectable young man, nice move all-in with A6s on the table prior mate ;). On a board of 568 with 2 spades, 1 heart, a battle of the blinds occurs. Oli, small blind, bets 6k into a 12k pot, Big stack raises another 15k. Oli thinks, then moves all-in for another 20k. Nice- the guy then has to call for all his chips and promptly folds.
Here’s my hand of doom. After fucking about in the rebuy period I wound up with 2.5k chips afte rthe add-on. Trebled up to 7k with 99 v 77 and AK. Then this hand. I get AA in the small blind. Known aggressive player, Justin, raises to 2000 from the button with blinds at 400/800.
I decide to just call and get a much needed double up. Flop comes KK7, not ideal. But I set this play up like this so it could be worse. I check, he bets small, in retrospect, dangerously small (1400). I go AI and he calls in a heartbeat. A strong player then criticises my play but what the hell, never mind. I tried to get maximum value from my hand against an aggressive player, I don’t mind that. If the flop had come k,5,8 then I would have got paid in full.


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