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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Conduct of a gentleman

Yeah, I was right. I reckon I might have given the lady herpes. She sure smacked me about last night. Played in the £10 rookie night rebuy comp at Luton. As an aside, congratulations to JP Kelly a young regular at Luton who took down the main event for 45k. I don’t know this lad but its nice to see a young gun beat the old boys. I gather he was super- aggressive as he is in the cash games. Good luck to him.
Anyway, the tournament last night was nice. A very slow structure for a rookie re-buy tournie…MUCH better than gutshot. Was at a starting table with the owner of the Hendon card club, who appears to be a nice chap who can play a bit of poker. Why he is at a £10 re-buy comp ill never know but I can only assume he was trying a bit of promotion. Anyway, starting table was nice with some total idiots. Got a healthy stack with bits and pieces. Flopped a set of 8’s and got full value in a mw pot. Flopped top 2 in a hand where I got a free peek in the BB. Got paid. A gutshot str8 draw in the re-buy period is "unputdownable" (n.b new word) for many of these folks. Quickly got up to 7k. Then this hand just before the end of the re-buy period. 5 way multi-way pot in the last hand before the end of the rebuy period. I have J10s on the button and try and see a cheapish one. SB (idiot?) raises ½ pot, they all call so I join in. Flop comes J 74 rainbow. Hmmmm. Check check check, LP raises pot. Bye bye. He is staring at me intently. Im the only one who has a lot of chips left. Therefore he likes his hand a lot and that is all I need to know from this ABC player. The blinds call "for value" with NOTHING- EXPLAIN!!! Value means you have something, a draw, bottom pair, something!!!! And starer flips KJs which wins. Score 1 for me. After the re-buy period I have 7k and average is 3k.
I go card dead for a bit then get changed tables. It takes me about 46 seconds to realise everyone is playing too tight with the blinds now at 200/400. I raise 1st hand I get dealt and then steal twice more in the next orbit round the back. I then find A9s in early position (7 players). I raise pot and the BB calls. An Ace on the flop and I bet, he calls with Q10s (he had virtually nothing left) and I have a bit of breathing space. New table. I get JJ in the SB 1st hand. Folded round to the Button who has a big stack and bets pot. Hmmmmmmm. He isnt that strong and I really just want to push him off his weak ace (well, that’s my read anyhow). I raise pot. He calls. A pretty flop of 10,9,7 sees me acting 1st and all-in. He calls with KJs (??!!!?? LOL?) and no miracles for him and im chip leader at my table with 25k and blinds at 400/800. I get aggressive and raise 4 times preflop in 2 orbits to win uncontested.
I then go card dead for a bit. Before this hand. I get Q,10s in the BB and the SB who is short stacked raises pot when it is folded round to him. I folded this and he showed me A5 after I showed my pass. I then limped with 89o in the SB against the BB and he raised pot so I folded. On my BB next time it gets folded round to the SB who again raises pot. I have A6s which is good enough here. I call and he has A4o. Flop gives me the nut flush draw, but of course he hits one of the two fours left in the deck to rescue his ass. Dang. On my SB next orbit I get Ako. EP raises and I think he realises he is getting blinded to death so I put him on A10, AJ, KQ. I raise all-in and he calls 8k more into a 16k pot with A6s. He has A6s and obviously hits 66 on the flop and turn. Just to piss me off a king comes on the river. Those 2 combined pots would have built me up to 40k. From there im sitting prett with the chip leaders.
I hung around to watch some vicious outdraws. A guy needs the 6h to make a str8 flush. He hits. A guy (george) has 97o in the BB and calls a pot all-in raise from the SB who has KK to hit a flop hard with 379. I cant remember a hand infront staying infont. It made me feel better. Im going to take this opportunity to voice my opinion regarding the behaviour of a certain individual at Luton last night. George, who everyone knows, can be fucking annoying to play against when he is in whiny mood, was being MODERATELY ANNOYING. But in a good-natured way. This guy, no names, was being a grade A PRICK. Sitting at the table next door I wa soverhearing the disgusting language and abuse this guy was dishing out to several players on his table. "how can you play that shit you stupid fucker?" Then shouting "George, shut the fuck up, you don’t have a clue you silly cunt". All this at the top of his voice. Then someone calls over the cardroom manager Simon who says "George, for your own safety, stop interfering in other peoples pots". Excuse me?!!!! This other guy has been interfering in EVERY pot and trapping off like a total dick. If I was spoken to like that id demand bad-mouthed guy gets punished for swearing and if the management didn’t enforce justice id offer him outside. Just to shut him up. He ruined every player at his tables night last and I think I know why. I think he played a lot of the Springfest events and lost a lot of money. BOO FUCKING HOO. In the words of Andy Ward, whether you outdraw someone or get sucked out on "Get it quietly". Poker is a game of long term skill and short term luck. Take the rough with the smooth. It’s the manner in which you conduct yourself at the table that sets you apart. People notice if you are a good guy. I sure do.


Blogger Seb said...

Al mate,

In Singapore at the mo, and just checked e-mail and still no link for vc. Coming back on Friday and broadband pack is waiting for me so try again before then. Can't wait to get going. Will start on junior tables and work way up. Congrats on big win - ill bell you when back.

'The Doctor'

7:52 AM  

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