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Monday, April 10, 2006

Im unashamed to just admit the biggest win of my poker career to date. I played in the 15k gtd on Tribeca last night and came third for $2.1k – get in!
This came as kind of like the icing on the cake. I was running superb with wins in every single poker session I played last week (except the HU games against Dave where he beat me with a combination of skill and ahem, vicious running cards).
Ill divulge my results for you. Given how low I was two weeks ago when I tilted away my entire bankroll, I now feel that my game is really good and with average luck I can beat most low stakes games.
This weekends results.
4*$15 SnG’s- Won 4. Got lucky when 3-way in two of these but destroyed my opponents when it got HU. My experience curve has started to fruit. I played these games as the foreground to MTT’s and I think that really suits me. 2 tables just gives you a bit more to look at, which is handy for someone with the attention span of a goldfish. These were consecutive games. That’s my best ever run of results. Amazing how many people have no experience of heads up play and simply explode.
2* $20 SnG’s- 2nn, and 4th. Played well, got outdrawn, not bothered, next case. I don’t mind getting outdrawn anymore. I take the rough with the smooth J
Cash games. Played 2 sessions Online, multi-tabling 2 or 3 .25/.50 tables at a time. Got pretty unlucky in 2 huge post, where the other person thought he was trapping and infact I was (2 pair v my top set) and then got lucky on the riv. Still logged a profit in both sessions).
Cash games live- played one session with the lads. Won about £15 aftere trying an audacious bluff with 85offsuit against Steve. The fucker never normally calls me. Seriously, iv been bluffing that guy for ages, so I thought last week id finally tell him. LOL. He wasn’t amused. He asked if I trie dbluffing other ppl at the table like Rob. I said yeah, all the time. ;) Was a good laugh and I love all the little crazy things that you can do when ur only playing for £10.
2 Freeroll MTT’s. Won $30 in one and £15 in another. Bit of a crap shoot when it gets late in these things and it appears my bullets are as effective as cotton wool in multi-way pots. When in mw pots late on now I actually type "I have aces, call if you don’t like $". And they still love calling with their mid pairs and hitting the fuckers. L
Not bad for free though.
15k gtd last night. 1 re-buy (at the beginning) and the add-on. And I never looked back. I played strong the whole way through. I stole a ton of blinds around the bubble and got healthy. I then took a hit with QQ v KK and got short-stacked but limped to the winners circle. Once I was in here, I played some of the best poker I have ever played. Proper short-stack management skills displayed with penach/e?. I don’t care, im allowed to blow my own fucking trumpet! It never ceases to amaze me as to just how many people press the self-distruct button when they get here. 470 runners, 4 hours of hard work…. so you risk your entire stack with an all-in UTG with the monster that is 66. What hands call that raise? The 2 biggies? I arrived the shortest, and stayed consistently at 6-9* the BB for ages. While all around me all hell broke loose. These guys didn’t slow down and they got into shit. If a noted strong player limps UTG with a medium stack, ALARM BELLS!!!!!! Yet last night this happened twice and JJ and QQ outdrew twice. MY hands stood up like iron. KK v AQ, AT v K9, A9 v A8, AQ v AJ. I loved it. The suckout fairy didn’t come along and paint the river an ugly shade of luck once. Its nice when that happens. I finally got a semi-stack, but I couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t even get a steal in. So I dropped again. We got down to 7. 1 guy in the cutoff I had noticed always went all-in when it was folded round to him on my BB. I knew he had labelled me and I was patient. I found A9 and he pushed on me. I called and he flipped 9,10. I won. Then I went dead for a while again till this happened. With blinds at 15/30k and my stack at 100 k the SB went ai. I have to call here as he has been at it since the dawn of time and I cannot fold as the I will only have 70lk which is not enough to even steal with.. I have J6. He flips J7. I hit 2 sixes!!!! Get in. I then went a little crazy for a bit and worked up to 400k. 2 players died. I stole and restole as now I have chips J .
Up to 600k when blue murder breaks loose. 1 big stack has tip 5s on a flop of Q52 with 2 diamonds. Other big stack has KQ diamonds. Diamond man catches and he is a HUGE leader with 1.6million. I have 600k and shortie has 200k. Shortie is Geeeaahh and big stack is G-boy. Both are good. But im ready for this I tell myself. No talk of a deal and its loco. With the combined blinds at 60k there is a lot to fight for and Geeaah goes crazy. All-in 6 hands in a row. Big stack aint bothered and is playing patiently. I find KJ and he goes ai. I ponder. Im at least live and I reckon I could be a favourite. Otherwise I know he is gonne get back up to a level where he is dangerous. I shoulda been more patient. I call he has 55. A straight race. They railbirds are at it, there is a K and a 5 on the flop. His set holds and he double through me. Fuk. I find 55 on the button after 2 orbits, I push and get called by KJ. He rivers a Jack and im out!! FUCK!!! 3rd . I made some quality moves on that table, nice re-steals, selective aggression, no limping. And it paid off. But I should have won it. No questions, I should have won it. I was better than those 2….lol
Now, you know what the good part out of all of this is? I now have a fully functional bankroll for the games I have been wanting to play. The $50 SnG’s are nice. Softer fields than the $25 ones, with a lot of action.
Im going to play in the rookie night at Luton tomorrow. Im gonna win that 2 ;)


Blogger OK said...

Hey Alex.

Congrats on the win. I'm beginning to forget how good a MTT cash feels!!

Anyway thank for your support on my blog please feel free to link as you wish and I'll be linking to yours too if thats okay.

Good luck with the blog and at the tables.


10:52 PM  

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