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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Running O.K
Been steadily making $ multi-tabling 4 .25/.50 tables on VC or 3 * .10/.25 tables on UB. Stars has seen the back of me, nothing personal I just don’t like the graphics. Cashed out another small amount to cover some live play expenses. I played 2 tournaments last night and played both of them badly. I tend to play rocky for the first 6 levels in rebuy tournies, and then assess the situation later. Same goes with the freezeouts for that matter. I just wait for good situations whilst watching Tony Soprano & co inspire me. Well that’s all very well and in fairness I did get a few chips when my KK held up against 9,10d on a board of 689 with 2 diamonds. I then went absolutely dead for eternity. No small/medium or large PP’s for ages. I got J10s on the button once and limped to see a flop that was so ugly I almost went blind. So I finished the 15k gtd re-buy period with 5.5k in chips and couldn’t be fucked with the add-on as I didn’t feel I needed it. The table had 2/3 weak players (including me) and I was certain id either get chips or die early. 240 original entrants, I get down to 110 when I FINALLY get the boots UTG. This table is so juicy Im anticipating a much needed double up so I opt to limp. All fold to the BB who checks. Flop comes AK9 with 2 clubs, so I cant even give a free card L (no A clubs). I bet ½ the pot, he folds. Boohoo. Very next hand I get KK in the BB, I find myself begging a laptop screen to raise me…….of course they all fold around to my BB. And that was the end of that. I finally went out when I made this Ugly play from the button. I have KJs and about 7*BB. Auto-push I hear you aggressive mofo’s say. Well I decided to put out a min raise and see a flop of A,4,J. BB bets small, I call ?????!?!?!!?!?!? Turn comes another 4, he checks, I pause, then go AI. He takes about 3.2 seconds to call me with A2. Bad play by me on every street, yuk.
Finished around the bubble in a $25 freezeout when what I percieved as a huge ruh ended when the BB decided he had to go with his gut and call my re_steal from the SB with A9 against my A6. My image musta been shit I guess, but I had just shown KK and 1010 so maybe he just fancied his hand without thinking about mine. So, out in both tournaments with my hand well and truly bruised and no nearer the damn cookies in that jar L .
Ah well, just looked at my accounts and im nearly out of student overdraft debt. WOOHOO. I might be playing in the £100 Luton Freezeout on Friday night but that depends on whether I can make that £ tonight from my VC goldmine. Getting to know the players there now and all their little ways, which is when I start playing my A game. No more fucking about from me, its time to go back to basics. I bought 3 new books today, Slansky and Malmuths HE for Advanced players (I shoulda bought this ages ago but I begrudge paying £30 for it when it says $30 on its front cover- normally waterstones are good value but me thinks this is a rip-off no?) , the Championship table by TJ (for collection purposes more than anything, I don’t anticipate anything I havent already heard) and some other bit of rip raff to while away the time whilst I wait for top set on a raggy board.
I promised my mate rob id post this e-mail he sent me. I agreed as it’s the only way the fish will ever get recognition for the shocking beats he puts on people ;)
"Last night was fun! I was down to £130ish, got dealt pocket 8's, I raised pot, only £21, got 2 calls then a re-raise of £100 comes in, now I know this guy is on AK or Q's, but I call anyway coz I feel lucky. Flop comes down J 6 8, absolute quality, the only way I can lose if is he has pocket J's. Turn comes 5 or 7, I don't know I was celebrating in my head already. By this time I'm all in, the pot is pretty big, lots of black chips! River comes 6, Full house ding ding ding!! The only way I can lose is if he's got pocket J's or pocket 6's so I'm pretty happy. He turns over Pocket Q's (what a perfect read pre-flop??!!) and think's he's got me well beat, I turn over my pocket 8's and walk off with £414. And so continues my streak of never being down at that casino...."Robert Apple
I should point out that some unfortunate soul lost £120 quid to him after being all-in with AK v KQ pre-flop when rob hit his 3-outer, but good luck robby you pro.
Tip of the day- don’t tilt, ever. If you take a bad beat, leave and go for a dump or summat. THEN sit down to the left of said fishes seat and outplay the moronic twat.


Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Quality Read. Thought i would repay the favour after you popped in on mine. Linked you up



2:21 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

Hi Alex, been reading the blog intermittently, though I'm so lazy I can barely bring myself to updte my own.

1 thing I'd advise would be to drop the rock attitude early on in rebuys. It's much better to play looser in the rebuy period in an attempt to accumulate chips. See more cheap flops and play more marginal hands in position.

That's ian's tip for the day :)

Best of luck and keep up the good work with the blog!


12:47 PM  

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