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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update- VC and back to scratch.

Been a pretty hectic weekend for me. On Thursday last week my account on VC stood at a very healthy (for me) $3400. That’s a lot of money for me and I was proud of my long sessions of quality cash play that enabled me to get there. So guess what I did. I moved up to have a feel around. As I play .50/1 a lot I thought id go for something really juicy (for me), play my A game and test the water. So $5/10 NL it is then. Played very well for about 1 hour moving 1k into about $1300 playing my solid game. As I am a true advocate of changing gears brunson stylee, when the game looked a little rocky I thought id loosen up and show a few bluffs to get the action back. This I did and bluffed my way to a $300 pot when a scary 3rd flush card came on the river in a 3-way pot. BUT- I showed the bluff. Possibly a very very bad move there as I knew I had had pissed the guy off. He moved to the seat behind me, uh o. Anyways a little bit later and I take a kind of bad beat with AK v Aqs with a 3 flush of his showing making runner runner nut. Lost about $500 there and then things went little hazy coz the fucker starts needling me when I make what I thought was a value bet with top set against his rivered double belly-buster straight. So the legendary martin tilt took control and said "alex, ur better than these guys, you can beat them". And I waved goodbye to ANOTHER nice bankroll and had dropped $2400 before the pain was too much and I realised the bucket with which I was bailing out the sinking ship had a very large hole in it (ie my shockingly shit poker). I cannot keep doing this. Last week I was thinking that if I could keep this up I might be able to play some WSOP satellites and some really juicy tournaments, but alas, no. I opted to cash out all but £50 from my VC account. My UB account still has $300 in it but the standard in the SnG’s and the Cash is so fucking good I never see myself making any serious $ there. Plan now is to multi-table the small stakes on VC till im back up to £100. From there ill use SnG’s to fund my entry into the 15k gtd a couple of times a week and see if I can fuck it all up again. REALLY ANNOYING.
On the live front been virtually living at Luton lately. I decided to play the £100 freezeout on Friday. This is a quality tournament with a proper structure. My table was very juicy. I played very rocky as I like this image and it enables me to steal more later on. Finally I get KK UTG. I raise to 500 (blinds 50/100- starting stack 5k, my stack 4.5k) The table starts joking saying, fold anything etc etc. Then this guy who I have not seen play before re-raises me another 500. This is an alarm bell moment. Why so little? I need more info. He takes a drink and stares at me!! But this a £100 tournie, is he putting on a reverse tell??? Jesus hindsight is wonderful. I opt to call, then play it by ear. Flop comes 7710. hMmmm. I check, he checks. Turn A. YUK! I check, he checks. Stinks of slow play. Turn 4. I check river he goes all-in. I fold he shows A7c !!!!!!!!! Found out 30 seconds later he is a high-stakes Roulette player who knows little about poker. I think I saved my tournament there as he woulda called. Played good after that and got up to 7k. Then this. FP raises to 1k with blinds at 100/200. I think he has raised a few too many times lately and think my AQ is very god here. I go all-in. The BB (3k) calls and the original raiser folds AJ. BB has 88 which holds up. I then get Aks in the BB and some useless old italian limps in FP along with another weak player. I go all-in to get called by BOTH. They play a side pot. Flop comes 8,5,4. FP goes all-in lp calls. BOTH have NOTHING. River is a 2 to make a gutshot for the LP who has A3!!!! Jesus, for once could the best hand hold up. I get some handshakes and "good game" gestures but it doesn’t make me feel better. Then played the £25 NL at Luton on Sunday. Did ok and got my starting stack of 1k up to 3k pretty quickly. Then I get QQ UTG, I raise 3*BB and the BB is the only caller. Flop comes 47J. I bet roughly the pot, he calls. Turn is another 4. Little bit scary but after I think about it it isnt really. I go All-in, he calls (good player-Tom) with 97o. ? He thought I had nothing and spikes a 2 outer to take me back to "chips please". I decide to add-on so iv spent about £75 when I FINALLY get ½ a hand. 2 EP limer I have A10s and go all-in. They call- with A7 and Q10 respectively and one of them hits a Q to send me out. I was playing with the European Stud Champion form 2003. To be quite frank and honest, I really didn’t think he was much cop. As ever, the standard is weak there and if only I can get my confidence back and get on a roll again I’m certain I’m in for a podium soon.
Anyways, played the 5k gtd on UB last night. Suckout city….well,kind of. Starting stack 1500. I get KK in the BB. 1 min-raiser, about 5 callers, I raise 8*BB as I don’t really want to play a flop. 1 Caller, the button, who just tripled up with JJ v QQ and KK spiking a 2 outer on the river. Flop comes Q45rainbow. He checks, I go all-in. He calls with 45s. Now I admire his play…….in a cash game, but surely he is investing way too much preflop?
Check out Ukgatsby.blogspot.com. For some reason my links are fucked. Also good luck to my mate Seb who has just started playing online seriously. After looking at his early results he is going to be a mighty fine player once he gets some hand experience under his belt.
Gl all.


Blogger Alex Martin said...





10:17 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

Moving up stakes like that = -EV

Been there done that, won't do it again. Short term win is posible but will always be long term loss until you're ready for those levels.


3:12 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Cheers Ian,

I should know better as iv been there before and lost the lot before. Wont happen again. Iv sworn it.

8:19 AM  

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