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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Poker. Puggy Pearson said there were 3 things to becoming a good poker player " knowing when you have the best of it, money management and managing yourself". He found the last one hard, I find the second. My cash game "game" has got very good lately, I seem to be able to make good $ multi-tabling and build up a decent bankroll. Then I do stupid things like play the $54 rebuy MTT or go loco in the $24 rebuy and lose $$$. I have cut down massively but need to work on my dedication and bankroll management skills. Iv lost another decent roll through playing a tourney that was out of my league and I MUST stop it. In a cash game, if I take a rough beat, I quit. In a tourney, I ALWAYS rebuy. I’m not going to deposit my own money, so it looks like ill have to wait until iv won something largeish at Luton to redeposit. There won’t be any great posts about me going deep in online MTT’s for a while……coz I won’t be entering them. I think my "real" return to online poker one way or the other will be around the WSOP when hopefully the publicity generated will make me more +EV. I only have to look at a recent post I made on secretsoftheamateurs.blogspot.com to see how dire my mentality had got. "Try and get into the money in SnG’s- don’t risk it all for the win"- losing mentality.
When winning, you ride high on a wave of confidence, have deep insight and are generally fearless. The opposite has been true of my online tournament play for a while now, so ill try and reverse it. I’m playing the "rookie" night at Luton this eve and I’m going for podium playing MY game. Making the right decisions, more often, because I have less. If that doesn’t make sense to you, fold to my raises. GL all, and especially to those fearless players who go with their gut and for 1st place, I was one once, and summer could see the final stage of my metamorphosis come full circle. More learning, less umming and ahhing, less calling, more raising, more pot odds and body language, less probability I’m beaten.
Tip of the day: Consult someone with some authority on Bankroll Management. I don’t have the first idea.


Blogger Seb said...

I noticed you were playing the $54 $100,000 guarenteed tourney on Sunday night - was tempted myself but had to go out. I know I'm only small-time but on VC I started with $50 (£29). Yesterday I hit $300. A few years ago, that would have meant - nice one, I can up the stakes and win more but things have changed. I casheed out $200 and will be making the climb again. Your game is good but don't be too hasty to go for gold. 60% luck and 40% skill - that's poker. Profits will be made long-term if you have the skill but the 60% luck will have your nuts in that vice if you climb too soon. I played a $12 rebuy the other day and was second in chips with 30 left from 220 and my dreams came true - AA on the button with chip leader and three others ai. Or so I thought. Thoughts were turning to what I was going to do with the $4000. Chip leader had 33, other 3 had AK AK and KK. Flop comes 33J. You win some, you lose some. Play the same stakes and you'll make money. I'm off to casino now for a bit of a celebration - just one £1500 for a fellowship. I've promised no poker tonight so roullette it is. Good luck mate.

5:40 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Unlucky in the tournament mate, i know how it feels, but its those moments that define your success. Keep getting yourself into those situations and you will be fine.

With regards to cashing out and building again, thats very impressive money management. Are you going to continue with that arrangement? I know i did for a long time but sooner or later you will want to move up the stakes.

Iv player for 4 years online now and have witnessed 1st hand how variance can damage bankrolls in the most wicked ways if your bankroll is not equipped to deal with the swings. With that in mind i will now be posting actual win/loss results on this blog. I am going to be honest and start RECORDS MANAGEMENT. I have tried to keep book before but i have nhever sustained it for longer than a couple of months. This time, with blogger help, im going to do it.
Well done on the fellowship mate.

6:59 AM  

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