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Friday, April 28, 2006

Here I come Hellmuths of this world. Ok on Saturday I have this freeroll that I qualified for on VC to play. Really juicy with a high chance of getting a seat. There is a $12500 package up for grabs for 1st place and lets see…..only 999 runners. Bollocks to that, I thought they were giving away more. Might let a better poker player take the reins for me, while I fritter away a load of money at Luton trying to prove that I really am good enough to win something down there…hmmmm.
After really giving myself a hard time for my bubble mistake earlier this week I decided to lay the ghost to rest and put in some study time. Unfortunately Waterstones has run out of material for me so it was onto the internet for some alternative tournament strategy advice. Some good stuff on there, but a LOT if shit. I like the Hendon mob guest articles, particularly the Fox + Farmer analogy. Have been reading some good players thoughts lately and decided I like my ABCS (with S for stealing) strategy more and more lately. Restealing from aggressive cutoffs, button habitual raisers and laggy player WHO HAVE A BRAIN has been very kind to me lately. I read an interesting post lately on cash game gear changes. Basically in slightly better games this guy advocated from switching between Doyle gear, Solid Gear and lazy Gus Hanson gears at particular times. Im not good enough for 3 gears yet, I only recently got my driving licence. Aggressive, serial bluffing, re-raising is my second gear and my 4th is flop the nut gear. In loose games I let solid play make the money (this gear is easiest to adopt when not feeling confident, 11pm in UK or 6am UK playing on a Yank server). But as soon as the game gets full or rake-swappers (the tight rocks who frequently multi-table the lower stakes) the optimal strategy involves tilting the ones who can go bananas when you play games with them. Position and impied odds wins a LOT of money here.
Playing A LOT of poker this weekend with Saturday being made up of 2 tournaments, possibly playing both of Sundays. Playing the Satellite on Monday and another satellite on Tuesday if im running good. Hopefully I can keep getting my chips in with the best of it and hope the deck has been shuffled effectively which lead me to……….
In live rookie tournaments the cards are rarely ever shuffled properly. If for exmple the previous flop contained 4 diamond or 3 of the same card for example, It is often worth playing those cards that are dealt to you in the hope of hitting the flop. Thi is especially true in rebuy tournaments where you are in late position against a preflop raiser.


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