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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Arggh! this game is frustrating as hell sometimes.
Got to last 50 in a biggish tournie $24 buy-in 200 runners. Starting chips are 2000 and i get up to 6k by the skin of my teeth, absolutely no cards. I win 2 coinflips and get fairly healthy and up to 10k when this hand. I get AA in late position. Infront of me is a raise to 5000 then a reraise to 12000. I call and to my suprise the usual suspects (KK,AK) are not present. Instead im up againt the monsters of KJ and JJ. Case J on the flop would be inevitable. Really hurt as im pretty sure i would have had an excellent chance of winning it given the standard of play at my table which had more action than a film with Steven Seagal illicit lovechild.

New poker terminology.....Longing, to long, got longed.

The term is used in tournament play and used to describe the practice of taking the maximum amount of time to make decisions in an effort to allow the blinds to increase and create more pressure on the short stacks. The technique is also applicable to modern life. When the girlfreind asks how long you'll be at the pub and you reply, "not sure...as long as the pool game takes to complete" you are longing, allowing extra time for yourself and putting pressure on her.

Just got outplayed HU in a $25 SnG. 1st time thats happened today, i have trouble changing gears and really need to work on it. Ah well, thats it for tonight. Tomorrow i might be playing a satellite for the UK open. I feel its about time i tried to have a stab at these deepstacked live events, i am surely +EV against the old school rocks that inhabit the Luton hovel.


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