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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Long time no posts. Just got back from a cracking holiday with the missus and been watching a lot of world cuppage (cant seem to say anything now without adding "age" to the end), quite disconcerting.

On the poker front its been all hands to the pumps online. Had a cracking week prior to the holiday ripping apart the $25 SnG's with real ease. This game is so strange in that when you are playing well, you get ur chips in with the best of it all the time, make great reads and your hands hold up.........you develop a sense of invincibility at the tables. I know what its like at the other end of the emotional spectrum also so ill enjoy this while it lasts.

Results. Had 2 major (for me) online MTT cashes lately for a combined profit of a little over $3k.

Bubbled on 2 consecutive nights in the 20k on VC (WHY CANT I FINAL TABLE THIS ANYMORE) and had a cruel exit to the 100k gauranteed. Hows this for bad luck.

Deep into the tournament (130 out of 850 players left) i have a medium stack. In an unraised pot i limp with 88 on the button along with 1 other LP player. SB completes. Flop comes 89Q with 2 spades. Initial player raises 1/2 pot, second player flat calls. I move all-in. Original raiser re-raises all-in and is insta called by LP player who is unfortunately holding 10jspades for the nut straight with improvements to the straight flush which he duly hit on the turn. He was the CL at the table and i had mayeb twice the average chip stack. To rub salt in the wound the other guy had me beat aswell with 99. :(

Bankroll management has improved id like to say. I just do a simple move than $500 withdraw policy which seems to be working.

Live play has been mixed lately. Had a fun session with the artist on Friday where i won 5 out of the 6 games !!!!!!! I even outdrew him in a shocking bad beat.......really enjoyed that ;)

Luton my form has deserted me. I got chips, got down to the final 5 tables and than tried to make a semi-move with AKs v an EP raiser who couldnt call with JJ fast enough. In the £30 SnG's my form was equally dire.

Read sherwoodpoker.blogspot.com

Really interesting account on how even legends like TJ can get addicted and end up nipping. Sad.

Work and life is preety good at the moment. Not drinking alcohol for 2 months in an effort to get fit again. Suprising how sharp it makes you feel.

VVVV jealous of all those at the WSOP. Going to try real bankroll management and operating within my limits against opposition i can beat until i am debt free. My aim is to get out there next year without fail.

Here's a little cracker for you. Playing at the Luton Grosvenor the other night there was a change of dealer's. Nina summoned Simon to replace her as she was tired to which Simon replied "Nina,Nina, always a pleasure, never a chore now get out the way you sillly" to serious laughter.

Tip of the Day. Thou shalt only slow play top trips on a raggy board wiht NO draws on the board or a rolled up full house on a paired board. ALL other hands are vulnerable and should be bet. Dont whine to me when the guy makes a house against ur nut flush and you lose all ur money, you heard it here.

gl all.


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