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Friday, July 14, 2006

Im ready.

Finished work at 3.30pm, ah the joys of a lenient boss. Went to the gym, smashed up some free weights for 1 hour and went for a long jacuzzi, sauna. Came home, had a seitsa (which really suits me) and then tucked into a wonderful meal prepared by one of the 2 great women in my life. Alcohol ban is going well...i always seem to behave like a grade a twat when pissed. Poker performances are a little lacklustre this week. Played over $200 in MTT fee's last night without a cash. After eating this fine curry i am ready, for some serious yank bashing.

Playing a full day of poker at Luton tomorrow. The £10 rebuy and then the £20 rebuy. A result is seriously overdue. Will play a few sng's if i dont go deep in the £10. Turnout should be HUGE.
The artist will be accompanying me and seems to have developed a more cautious attitude to chip stack management, it would be nice for him to final table or even win- he's good enough and aggressive ehough at the right moments for this to be possible. Should be fun, not the WSOP but then i dont spend 10 hours a day infront of a computer screen, so the internet players that are out there probably deserve their break.

Contrary to popular opinion im mighty impressed with Zidane's hb. Overcoming restraint isnt always a good thing and by the sounds of it i think id have done the same. Just a shame he didnt break the little spic's nose instead.



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