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Friday, September 01, 2006

Its 12.30 on Friday night and i'v just finished my session. Did OK in the cash games, flopping quads and getting paid in full by an overplayed AA helped what would otherwise have been a poor session. In the 20k gtd i made the last 70/400 players when i got into trouble :(
Holding 9Qspades in the SB i call a min raise preflop from the BB. Now any time someone min raises me in these events i automatically think AA. I dont mind calling still as they often overplay them for a lot of chips IF you can outflop them. The guy had me well covered so my implied odds were huge. On a flop of QQA i opt to check/raise (normally i lead out here, especially in a cash game or SnG, but he was an aggressive fucker and i wanted to give him enough rope to hang himself). Unfortunately he checks also. Alarm Bells are ringing. Turn comes a 9. Now i decide to bet, hoping he has a big ace like AK or AJ/A10. He raises me all-in. Now this is interesting. I have a mediumish stack and he is big. I can afford to fold here, steal my way to the money and then have a go at the final table with extreme aggression. What hands re-raise here. My thinking goes, he cant have AA/AQ as his hand would be a virtual lock and most of these players like waiting till the river to bet their nut hands (wrongly). He could have AK, but then the re-raise is unlikely given the board. I finally decide that he has the other Queen, probably with a King or (less likely) a Jack. I call for all my chips (sob sob) and he has AA for the flopped house. Argghhhhhh. Well played young man, although i doubt he even considered my hand in his thought process.

I made a spectacular play (in my modest opinion) however in the middle stages of the tournie. Holding 33 on the button the flop comes KK3 in a multiway pot. 2 limpers plus me see the flop. All check to me, i overbet massively hoping someone is slow-playing trips and they cant find a fold and hurrah, i catch not one, but 2 people with kings. Sadly one of them caught his other card and made a bigger house, but alas, my play was awesome and im going to recommend it to my good chums Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen (between me and you, they aint all that, Dan tends to overplay hands and Gus, well, his starting hand selection isnt great- might see them at the Luton £5 tournie on Sunday, Ill mention it then).

In the 5k gauranteed i played well and reached the FT with chips. That was well, until some donkey with an M of roughly 11 decided to re-re-raise me afer i made it totally obvious i was pot-commited with AKs preflop and the donkeys 109s hit a flush on the river after a promising AK7flop. Dont worry, i sent the Fisheries Bureau of Investigation to arrest him. Donkey play like that will not be tolerated by the Chief constable of the bad beat police ( hereby referred to as CCOTBBP). What a twat. If the gods smile at that point in time i have 350,000 chips which is nearly as much as the rest of the table combined. The guy should be giving kids rides up and down the seaside, the infertile eeeeeyyyyaaaaawwwwwwing twat. Whats more annoying is he donked off the chips later with an ill-concieved moment of Darwinian Brilliance involving re-raising the Chips leaded, then folding to an all-in bet.

After that i am ashamed to say i played meekly but there was little i could do and i came a pathetic 9th. Sigh.

Anyhow, its getting late and if it aint pissing down tomorrow i will be blasting pidgeons out of the sky all day long with a couple of herberts i congenially refer to as "mates".

gl all. Im gonna be rich 1 day, i tell ya.


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