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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I feel quite sick. It happened again. Playing the $100 UB freezeout $40000 gauranteed. My stack is above average on 6k (av is 5k). 200 playrs left.
I get dealt JJ on the button. UTG (tight/solid) raises to 40 (blinds are 75/150). I call. Flop comes 46J rainbow. He bets pot, i go all-in praying he has an overpair. He calls with QQ and of course the Turn is one of the only 2 queens left in the deck. I freaking hate this game sometimes. Tonight has been so sick in terms of outdraws.

I have howevever satellited my way into the UB 200k biggie and the Tribeca Sunday tournies, plus the World Poker Tour sat. I hsould have won a ton tonight, instead, im licking my wounds. Having said that, im on the bubble in the $5k on Tribeca so i might be able to donk my way to a final table......seems to be what everyone else does.


Blogger Alex Martin said...


I raise preflop with AKs in the 5k
event. 1 caller behind me who has me outchipped. Flop comes A,5,10. I bet all-in (2 hearts showing) and he calls with......Wait for it.....KK. K on turn and thats all she wrote. I had to laugh otherwise id cry. The thing is i only have another month of work and need to start getting results pronto. I want some cash to play upcoming live events and have some kind of security to fall back on when i hit a downswing in the SnG's (which i know will happen). Just gettign sick of going deep and then getting whupped on the key had where if you win, you have some bad beat insurance as you will be chipped up.
Ah well, Sunday is gonna make or break my week....could do with a big win (like the $80k for 1st in the UB 200k gtd ;) ).

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