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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Iv had downswings before, but this is getting truly sick. Playing a $100 buy-in MTT on UB. I get dealt 55 and the flop comes 5Q9 with 2 spades. I be the pot as my image is ultra-aggressive. 1 caller in position behind me, he looks failry ABC. Im a little worried of an overset but i think he owuld probably raise tochase out the draws on that kind of board. Turn comes a Queen. No-one can fold trips as we all know, so, go all-in. He calls with QJ, then spikes an ugly J on the river.
I have lost my confidence in the cards, the only FT iv made all day i got whilst on tilt where i decided i would go OTT of every raise before me, all-in. It actually worked, i cracked AK with 85s, and generally made a nuisance of myself. I know the upswing is coming, tomorrow night in the majors would be nice poker gods ;)


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