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Monday, September 25, 2006

After the weekend i have decided to get a brand new desktop and high speed internet connection. Also gonna buy a bike and try and do my bit for the environment- these women driving big Range rovers as sole passengers should be shot imo, might as well say " I dont give a fuck about the future of our planet, or the state i leave it in when im gone". As sick as set over set.
Played some $1/$2 NL tonight and had a rough ride. Basically i got rivered in a $350 pot and was fuming. Then i lost with AK to a shorties AA. Then (same player) KK to AA all-in preflop. Was down about $300 at this stage when i get KK again. It all goes in on a table whe i have $250 infront of me(tilting a bit, ill fold KK if the other guy has a lot of chips a lot of the time now) and the other guy has AA. I hit :)

Felt really nice delivering a beat for once. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH


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