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Monday, September 25, 2006

What a night. Just played really solid aggressive poker all of last night and changed gears when needed. Had an above average stack after the rebuy period and went into the chip leaders when there were about 400 left. From there we maintained a big stack by constant nicking and playing a helluva lot of small pots. Aces saw us catapulted into the top 10 with about 100 left after 2 all-ins. On the bubble we forced ourselves to steal 1/3 pots and every pot that was folded round to us in late position. We folded to the large re-raises all of the time, never really threatening our stack till we had burst the 27man bubble. At the next bubble we upped the gear again and got a truly large stack, 2nd in chips. From there we went up and down a big and had the pleasure of sitting on a table full of total and utter thieving bastards. The steal re-raise form the blinds effectively sealed us the podium when we reached the final table. A habitual stealer (pgslegs) went for our BB and we thought he would fold to a re-raise. We had 400k, he had 600k. He bet 120k (blinds 20k/40k) and we had a long hard look at the merits or 56o. Decided he would fold and he duly did. Very next time he tries to nick our BB from the button again and we have KJs. A large re-raise folds him up. From 7 players left the game got a bit tricks, but getting doubled up with AK v the Chip Leaders CL AQ helped. From there we decided to cruise as the table was playing too aggressively given the blind levels. Got down to 3.pgs tried another steal and we found AK. A large re-raise was called and it all went in AK v QJ. He later typed that he had a brain fart and imo thats a digusting call to make for most of ur chips on the FT. I reckon 85% of the time ur dominated.
A little after that we got HU. Plackers played really well and given i have played MASSIVE amounts of poker HU this guy was in the top 5% of ppl i have had the displeasure of playing. He had a 2:1 chip lead and on a flop of 2h4h9d with us holding 3h6h we re-raised him all-in. He was slowplaying AA and none of our 13 outs hit. Against other players waiting for a better opportunity would be viable but we felt he was playing superb and its hard to fold given the odds we were getting.

Ah well, cant complain. Proper bankroll sorted at last :)

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it"

gl all.


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