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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Just played the 20k and 5k tournies. Made some nice moves in both and got chips the naughty way by incessant re-raising late on. Get 2 big stacks, add confidence...and proceed to donk off.
In the 20k i have 50k in chips, average 35k with 47 left out of 420 odd. A solid, tight player raises in EP to 12k. He has me slightly covered. Now i dont know why but i figure my AKs is beating a lot of his hands and go all-in, like "call that if you wanna go out". He thinks for eternity before calling with QQ. No help and im out. Because fo my nice stack i think i should either flat call and fold on a flop i dont hit, or fold. Folding is nice because then i can just keep stealing small pots whilst waiting for a big hand. fuckit.

Then the 5k. I get AA late around the bubble and my image is immense. I recently re-stole the last 2 pots (with 88 and KQs respectively) just because i knew the players would fold. I then get AA, re-raise a raiser and say i have aces dont call. He calls wiht K10 and i get to 100k. Thats chips leader. I go into thief mode and get to 120k with 24 left. Then i get AQ in EP. I raise to 3*BB. He flat calls. Flop comes AK7. I bet 2/3 pot, he goes all-in. I have to call at this stage as the pot is laying me like 7-1 and i will have a monster stack if i win. He has KKK. I lost focus for like 2 minutes and didnt play the player and the stack size. Really frustrating, did all the hard work then donked it off late on.

dont know how how ill cope, oh yeah, there is tomorrow. ;)

gl all


Blogger Ukgatsby said...

There is always tomorrow :)


12:17 AM  

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