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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Took a hit, a big hit last night.

Somehow convinced myself after winning a speed tournament and having a good cash session that i was ready for $1/$2 NL. I was, the standard was poor. Problem was i hit a downswing where they kept catching up and i kept getting rivered. 1 maniac in particular hit middle a middle pin gutshot on the river for $90 and i dont know why but that tilted me massively. Next hand i have Q10s. He raises from EP (he has been raising every hand 5/6* BB) and i call to see a flop of Qh10h6s. Stacks are fairly deep (300) and he overbets the pot, like 3* the pot. I now think he has a legit hand like a AQ,KK,AA. I saw him check raise with a set a little while earlier so i dont put him on it. I maniacally decide to go all-in and he has a set of sixes. Fuckit. I then went and tilted away another $400 on the cash before stemming the flow with a pizza and a beer. rgghhh.

Ben playing today and made little headway but did have the pleasure of watching rob carve open a small MTT field only for some idioot to call for all his chips with 1010 after a brilliantly masterminded re-raise from Rob with AQ. Ah well, play for 1st as ever.

Tonight is the night. The 20k and 100k tournies have weak fields, big prize money and bubble money big enough to make daylight robbery legal. Im playing to win and goddamnit im gonna do it soon.


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