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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Running better. Approaching my a-game lately. If any of you read October's (i think) issues of pokerplayer you will know that on the final page, Grub Smith talked about why poker should be called "decision". Because thats what you are trying to do every time you play. This may sound a bit self-defeating but one sure fire way iv found of determining if you are playing great poker is that a couple of times a session, you will LAY DOWN the winning hand. Always notice that when im playing well (althought obv i would like to play perfect and call).
Last week was ok. Came second in the $200 FO on TBA for $1900, and had a couple of smaler cashes. Last night played all the tournies, went deep in most, got donked in 2.
Who ever knew that AJ was a hand with which you want to call for 1/2 ur stack preflop with??
Not me but it works for the fish. Seriously though, my MTT game has come a long way lately, pretty much by playing ABC until my stack gets big enough to run the table over.
Then we have fun :)

Need to start getting some results though, $400 of tournie buyins every night stings.

gl all, Alex


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