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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rofl, iv offended the middle aged UK pro's. And apologies mean nothing nowadays so i guess im stuck with it. Fuck em. I believe i'm now being referred to as "The Whacker".

Full story time i guess. Whilst reading the blonde updates of the masters classics of poker a hand came up regarding Keith "the camel" Hawkins. Basically a guy made a call with QQQ on a board of KQJ deep in the tournie and the camel asked "why did you call?" implying that the guy that went all-in had to have a bigger set or straight ( he didnt he had a flush draw but well..). From the update i got the wrong end of the stick and assumed that Camel was having a pop at the chappie, which he wasnt. I took the statement back once i understood. I said sorry.
A day after i joked with other players on the forum during the 15k event on Tribeca that despite being in a precarious chip position i had a certain "Portfolio" to my left and could nick his blind at will. Said tongue in cheek as he's a phenomenal talent and, i thought, a mate.
Anyways, a little later and much to my suprise a player known to me has a pop at me- basically a poorly disguised jibe and after i pop back he comments "who next- Devilfish, Ram, Doyle?" So basically he has had a chat with Camel and wanted to take a shot at me for being outspoken. Fine.

So i think its all over when i read this today, a post regarding the Luton Xmas Cracker by Richard "Tightend" Prue, a really smashing chap and someone i respect as a player and a person, but who could do more to encourage younger players @ Luton (aka- poker police chief constable ;) ).

It read "Well the schedule needs altering (as a players forum rep I am part of this discussion). At the moment the schedule is mostly small rebuys getting 30-40 players ( including nowadays our mutual friend The Whacker, Thats me! Keith) The rookie nights can get 70-80....

Now i just think thats funny. Somehow, you offend a guy just after he wins a small fortune and EVERYONE is nailing me for it, strange world huh? I wonder whether that qualifies as my 15 minutes Mr.Warhol.
Gl all, see you @ "small stakes rebuy event at Luton" on Wednesday mr Halfacree


Blogger Alex Martin said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Text now sorted :)

2:03 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Thanks a heap mate, damn ur the man.

p.s all. The comment deleted was mine.

10:02 AM  

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