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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bah, i screwed up the UBOC event 1. Got fairly deep then tried a move which i stand by, but player couldnt release TP/Shit kicker for all his chips (and i had been being a good boy).
Cash games were a grind for a long long time last night. Then i won 2 huge pots in quick succession before having a 10 minute break. Came back and the first thing i do is misread a board on the river where i think i have the nuts, but there was a flush on board. I cant even do a Phil Ivey and blame it on some expensive sunglasses the missus bought me. I just misread it. So that cost me $450.

I then went back to the grindstone and finished making a hearty $700 for the evening. Enough for me to go to bed feeling satisfied.

Absolutely loving cash games right now. Im being really ruthless. Listen to this hand, its sexy as hell. Im dealt 45o in the BB. 1 button raise (smallish) and the SB and myself call. Flop comes 55K. We check, original raiser bets, we both call. Now i thinks raiser has AK, SB has a 5 for sure. River comes a J. We check, he bets, SB raises a lot. Now having played with this guy a bit he has a 5 but is scared and is betting to protect his hand. I cant put him on a big 5 so i think its a split at the moment, ie 555AJ. I call and Button goes all-in for a tiny fraction more (dont really care what he has anymore,he only had about $100 to start with). River comes a 4. Now on the river the pot is about $300 and we both have about $300 back. I feel certain that he has a 5 shit kicker when he checks the river. So i go all-in. He types "56". And he obviously thinks its a split with the high cards and decides to call after a short while.


So nice when you play with players that you can read well, seems that players are far easier to read at $2/$4 than $1/$2.

Oh and a little whine whilst im on here. Luton Xmas Cracker has a capacity of 90 this year. WTF??? And the £200 opening event has already sold out, marvellous.


Blogger dibble said...

nice work on the cash tables mate... :)


3:31 PM  

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