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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cash game Crunch

Had a good week this week. Nice when things go smoothly. And nice when your form is just phenomenal. I havent been outdrawn in any majors pots in the past couple of days. Im beginning to get really happy as a loose aggressive cash game player. Consistency is coming through too. I made a huge laydown with 22 on a board of 2A9 rainbow after the action went preflop...raise, call, call, then i elected to call on the button. On the flop original raiser checks, bet, call, i raise, original raiser all-in, then tribeca shark "timc3405" re-raises all-in. I know i say that laying down a set is a long term loser but 99 is a definite possible holding here and i fold. Was drawing very thin as original raiser had AA and time did indeed have 99. Shorthanded thats as sick a hand as you are ever likely to see.

Made a few nice plays, namely, perfecting the art of not leaving cash on the table. We all sometimes get into the mentality of when you dont have the nuts, dont play massive pots. But against the right opponents, it is imperative that you stack themn when you can. Induce the bluff against aggressive opponents who you think have missed their draws. Against very good aggressive opponents inducing the bluff with a weak lead on the river is a great bet. If you think they have a missed flush/str8 draw and are thinking about checking, knowing (rightly) that they know the only way they can win the pot is by bluffing, make the pot bigger on the river so they have to put in a BIGGER bluff. Can go horribly wrong (like when you are betting into them when they have a monster) but in the right circumstances this can be a killer move.

Hows this for from too. Holding 4c6c i call a raise form late position player to $12. We both have $500 and as implied odds is the name of the game in cash game poker im more than happy to dance. Flop comes down 647 with 7c. I bet, he raises, i (hoping he has aces) re-raise, he goes all-in. In retrospect it was a bad call by me but i had been running over the table for a while and didnt know the player (until they prove it i bracket most player weak). So i call. He has 77 for top set so im drawing a little thin :) Runner runner club will get me out of jail free though hehe.

Made a crackig call also towards the end of a session last night with king high for a $60 river bet into a $100 pot. That felt damn good.

Tournaments have been a struggle for me lately. A real struggle. Keep coming unstuck later in the game when all the fish have been eliminated. But i do find them fun.
And i won a $200 seat to the $200 freezeout last night for $12. So there. ;)

Gl all, try inducing the bluff on the river a few times, when you get that nailed, try the weak laed+induce the bluff play on the river. Remember it must be against super aggressive players who raise a LOT.



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