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Monday, December 11, 2006

This game is so fking sick at times i despair. UBOC event 10, $500 FO $1 mil gtd. $300k overlay so im in. 1300 runners, i get down to 200 left. 180 get paid. Blinds 200/400 my stack 8k. UTG raises 3*BB as he has been doing regularly. I find AK in the SB and shove, he thinks for a bit (his stack is 11k) and calls with AJ. ? J on River. Marvellous. Its a $500 comp ffs.

20k never got going on a tough table with zzzrope, Claimer and SOXY on my table. Luckily moved but some donkey couldnt pass JJ to a re-raise and KK hit the dust on a J high flop.

In the 60k i re-raise all-in with AK. A special person insta-calls for 2/3 his chips with 55.
Shite night all the way through. Going back through my records and 9 sick bad beats last night.
Ah well, such is the way of MTT poker.

Cash games were similarly lacklustre. A sickening 1 outer when i flopped top set v bottom set lost me a $1600 pot. The pc nearly got smacked after that one.
Ah well, cant complain, the value is deffo there. Sadly Doyles room has overnight banned US customers. This unfortunately means no US players on the Tribeca network from now on, so less easy money on the cash games.

Looking forward to another break from poker, ill be returning from Copenhagen on Sunday afternoon, in time for the Sunday majors.


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