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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well, been a thoroughly disappointing week really. Not in terms of profit, iv made a few quid and should be happy. But i am annoyed that i didnt manage to play ANY events form the Luton Xmas Cracker. Ridiculously i didnt buy any tickets to the smaller events early on and they sold out quickly. I came close twice to a seat in the main event, but couldnt secure one. Then, i found out i couldnt even buy a ticket ot the ME. That had sold out too. Marvellous. Ah well, in retrospect £750 is a lot of money to me and directly buying in probably wasnt a great idea. Also, there will be other, better tournaments for me.

Returned from Amsterdam last night, it was shite. Non-stop rain and gloom, bat-blind cyclists everywhere and (i thought) an unpleasant undercurrent. Copenhagen next Thursday. Its gonna be absolutely freezing, dont know why im going there in December, ill blame the missus. This weekend im determined to play good poker. Im going to have a stab at UBOC event 10 $500 FO on Sunday. This can be my compensation for missing the Xmas Cracker @ Luton.


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