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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oops. After some ridiuclous overspending and bad runs in online cash im up against the wall again. Is this what it was like for other young guns trying to go pro? Somehow i doubt it. They all have huge rolls and masses of cash. I dont. You only have to hear about Johhny Loddens bankroll when some punk offered to play him HU to realise there a MILLIONS of dollars in some of these kids accounts. Story goes (stolen from Snoopy ;) ) that Johhny is playing online and gets involved in a "discussion" with another player. Guy says he'll play Johhny for his bankroll to which Johhny replies "You sure you got enough?" Chap says yes and he sits down 1st with $150k. Lodden sits down with $5mil and the guy leaves. HAHAHA.

So im up against it and really need a result or its back to work again. I seem to be saying this every two months or so and the good thing is, i aint really bothered. If i had a motgage/kids to look after obv i would need a much better cushion but then i guess to be a full time pro you really should have invested in other areas just to keep all your fingers out of the same pie.
Talking about poker and relationships its amazing how much of a strain it can put on your time/resources. I'v been with the missus for 5 years now and we still have monster rows, normally because i work till 6am, which means i am dead for most of the day. I think getting a really good work/life balance with poker and structuring your week accordingly should be high on any poker players agenda.

So it appears this "Frankie Symonds" has well and truly bokked me. Never mind, summers round the corner :) I think my best way to get out of the hole is winning the £200 FO on Monday @ Luton. I know the players ands as long as i dont make the worst play in the world (like i did on Monday- bluffing a calling station with like 1/8th pot all-in) i should have a fine shout.


Blogger Alex Martin said...

Just been re-reading this and my word the grammar is awful. Noi puntuation and i particularly like "my best way to get out of it". Rofl. Fuck it.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Frankie Symonds said...

" So it appears this "Frankie Symonds" has well and truly bokked me. "

I really enjoyed 'bokking' you !!??!

And you do have a good blog going on here which i enjoy reading. When you graduate onto real money tables though it will be even better. ;)

5:27 PM  
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Blogger reevio said...

Seeing as you called me a poof on Blonde I reckon I can get away with this comment :)

You have always struck me as very serious about the game and seem to have invested a lot of effort in researching and bettering yourself as a player. Despite this you seem to have a very sketchy idea about your bankroll in terms of keeping it aside from your normal living expenses and using it as a guide to the level games you should play.

I actually get the feeling that you have made up your mind that full time poker does not really fit well with your life and are on a bit of a "give a shit" crusade to either spin up big or crash out in a blaze of glory.

Nothing wrong with that though - sounds like fun! Best of luck either way.


12:00 PM  

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