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Friday, April 06, 2007

Cheers for comments kids, much appreciated. Jamie, the poof comment was only fair tbh. You and Flushy looked like a right pair in that photo :). Fair comments though mate and i thoroughly agree- p.s any jobs going at your place? ;)

So as always, when my back is against it i come up good. Played 8 comps tonight, won 2. :)
Only good for about a grand but hey, gets the roll up again. I think my bankroll management skills really are atrocious (sp?) but given that i dont really have any savings anymore i dont see any other way to pay for my lifestyle without using poker winnings. I do love cash games online but right now im bored silly of them, i can grind out a nice hourly rate but then get complacent and let it slip in a couple of big pots and oops, im even again. Also im gutted that i dont have the roll at the moment for the juciest cash games of them all, the Luton £250 puppies. My own fault, wont be having £3 grand weekends for a while..............

I think im going to have a long hard think about poker while im away on my hols. A couple of possibilities lined up seem interesting but im unsure yet as to the ins and outs. I might be signing up as a DTD trader and we'll see how that goes. At least it will give me a healthy roll to get started again. I actually think it might be beneficial to me but im wary about any situations with more than 1 interest involved.

One point of note is a comment a guy made to me at a cash table the other night. A nice guy, Ray Hammer, commented that by going broke you "learn" how to play POKER. As in outside the box non-abc card playing. Interesting concept.

So the plan at the moment is to play as many online tournaments as i can till i can cash out 3 grand and still leave a couple in the account. This should take a while but i reckon a month of solid tournie poker with no cash game leakages should sort it. We shall see.


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