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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Christ the swings in NLHE are scary.

Had some big sessions on a newly rolled account on BlueSQ this weekend. The account has been placed in my trust in a joint venture with a third party and is a cushdie little scheme. Being properly rolled really lets you relax and play your A game, but fuck me the swings iv had this weekend have been shocking. $4k @ $.50/1. 40* maxbuyin. You'd think it would be astonishingly easy to kill these games, but its not.

Im 8 tabling and have had some shocking beats as ever, but have also been totally outplayed on occasion and made way too many mistakes for me to feel happy about the weekends play. Outlaying $1000 a night, on the very 1st session i dropped $300 in about 1.5 hours. Not wanting to look like a spunking twat i stayed up till 2am grinding it back to even. Then won a bit and got to $1100 before the 1st session this evening. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I lost one massive pot on a table where id doubled up already to a 1 outer in a set over set coup, where the blessed other hit quads on the river. Marvellous. I went from $1300 to $600 very suddenly after running the nut flush into a 6h9h str8 flush ($30 bet preflop!). I also made some horrendous crying calls with AA postflop in multiway pots. But after the second session (and a thorough talking to) i finished on $1260. I can live with that.

It must also be said that the relative standards in cash game between Cryptologic and ipoker are worlds apart. On crypto is really is a grinders paradise, lots of bluffing, lots of weak shite players. On ipoker its like a Japanse fishing vessel after a successful trip, full of sharks. I must have come across 5 total fish tonight, thats it. Lots of these bastards play so close to optimal that trying to multitable and outplay them is very hard.

Iv started to play far more defensively out of position than ever. Im becoming weak postflop but im certain that saves me more money than making long calls on completed draw boards. For example, if i have tptk on a flushing board and the flush card arrives on the turn, im giving up. Immediately. Out of position i know my more intelligent opponents jump on this weakness, but honestly im not sure how to combat it. If i flat call then they nearly always fire a big bet on the end. Iv picked off so few bluffs that i cant be arsed to play it that way anymore.

Sadly (and i know it goes against my principles) iv started to slowplay more when out of position with strong but non-nut vulnerable hands against good opponents. It just seems that they hit their draws when i lead out for the pot and sometimes i put the wedding ring on the hand. I now prefer to shutdown the action in multiway pots when the money is deep, rather than pray the board will pair on the river.

So there you go, its 3am and im totally knackered. I might go to Luton tomorrow for the £50 rebuy but ill have to wait. The ipoker action might be better on the big tournament day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cryto is easier than ipoker?, there are a lot regular tags on ipoker now and they games ain't half as juicy as good old tribeca imo. I tried pkr, plenty fish but whizz bang interface means 30/hands/table per hour and multitabling is near impossible.

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Spandy you MUST get on facebook.com there drunken uni photos of you cropping up everywhere. even ITphobic burton is on there.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Crypto deffo easier than iopoker, will get on facebook when i get back from holiday Matty.

7:32 PM  

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