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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fooking joke. Dropped a shite load tonight, doing nothing different but running into some really crazy hands. One hand in particular made me seriously consider switching to Omaha full-time for cash games.

8-tabling and playing really solidly whilst concentrating on a tourny i had to play, i get this hand come up. If this isnt dodgy i dont know what is. Mt notes on this guy say "solid, respect his game. Can fold a hand, aggressive postflop". So im not too excited when this hand comes up. I have Ac9d. I raise pre, he calls. Flop comes 9J4 all hearts. I bet, he calls. Turn comes 6h. I check, now he bets. Im thinking this might not be a bad spot to bluff. I raise to $30 into a pot of $30. He calls. River comes K. I bet $40 on the end, he heartbeat calls with 3c3h. I bluff about 1% of the time in these games. Joke. Did all my weekends profit and more, not playing on ipoker for a few days, the play is so fking solid at .50/1.0. I challenge anyone who plays higher to log 7 winning sessions at these stakes on ipoker. Sad pessimist in me thinks that if i were a bot programmer, this would be an ideal network for me to operate on. Multiple skins, lots of traffic day and night from europe and autralasia and if you keep the stakes low enough you shouldnt arouse any suspicion.

It becomes even more odd when you compare stats with identical stakes on Crypto where my % won @ showdown stats increase by about 18%. Given the number of hands i play thats a huge % statistically. Not happy. On a slightly brighter note i finished 3rd in a comp on D2D tonight, knocking out Dave Colclough in the process, :)

No poker tomorrow night, i need to recharge, might go see boeing boeing at the theater with the missus, she's been nagging for a while.

Old Strongbad991 account is growing which is handy. Im playing PLO and killing it to be fair. Only .50/1 but at least i feel like im playing human opponents instead of people who can literally see my hole cards and always pick the perfect moment to win that key pot.

Might have to start set mining sooner or later, even though that cant be a profitable strategy on 6-handed tables. Sigh.


Blogger Jamie said...

Playing sold on 8 tables and still manage to raise A9 off huh? :)

I had a brief chat with Rob Yong in Ireland recently and he was suggesting that the top multi tabling cash players are proper granite. Literally 10-15% hands played preflop 6-handed. I can't do it myself but have to respect the opinion of someone who wins that much....

I suppose it depends whether you want to play flairy (should be a word) fun poker or make consistent money.

Good luck.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

A9 deffo in top 15% of hands m8 :)

But ill give it a go.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Jamie said...

lol. Is it even a top 50% hand? :)

How is it going having so many tables running? Never really tried it myself but am intrigued as to how draining it would be. I guess that is why it is considered best to have a pretty tight and basic strategy.

Might give it a crack later and see how I do....

12:15 PM  

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