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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long post. Dont let the boss catch you if you want that pay rise. My best bud Seb (+Matt incase he feels left out) qualified as a doctor last week and came up to see us all. We naturally took him out on the lash in a lads only old school pub golf routine. After donning appropriate attive some simpleton decided Southgate would be the ideal starting place. Not relishing looking like a twat in knife city i was pleasantly suprised when everyone actually wore the right clothing. Apart from Matt, sad git that he is. Starting early we lost Rob halfway to Winchmore hill on the 7th hole. After a marathon night it ended with myself, Seb and Oli winning the competition. Hole in one for every hole bar one for each of us. I struggled on the freezing cider and Kris informing me i look like a fish when drinking. Too much.
The next morning i woke up feeling pretty good, the diamond Zan had made us both neck 2 pints of water to prevent hangovers. Good girl.

Im slowly but surely getting going. Cash games of late have been very slow and steady, gradually grinding up and looking at weekly profits rather than nightly ones. Im currently doing some labouring for a plasterer during the day, then logging long session at night. It really is working out quite nicely. Im getting a nice workout during the day then getting home and playing quality SHORT sessions on crypto. I will be playing on ipoker on the weekend but the player pool is just right on crypto, about 5k players avery night enables you to target the fish better and also find tables where you have notes on them all. Thats always reassuring and helps get the confidence up from the off. On the crypto account iv had 2 losing days out of the past 12, losing -£100 and £-150 respecitvely. Best winning session was the 18th clearing £600. Currently up £1700 from the 17th June. Thats a comfortable standard of living for me, combined with some other earnings im just starting to get things back on track.

Played the £100 FO at Stanleys casino Luton on the weekend. Basically Turny (Ben Turnstill's dad- rookieITB)told me that the comp was juice free, a small field and you get a free drink on registration. This coupled with a soft field just got the nudge over the Luton £250 which is a bit of a lump. I was gifted a moronic starting table, 2 old guys who played 2 hands while i was there, got to love the old guys. Also there was a loose aggy decent player who i havent seen in a while and it was good to just watch him kill the table. I knew id get him sooner or later, just had to tone it down for a bit. He raise to 400 @ 50/100 and i flat call with 55, 2 clubs. He knows i make moves (he infact caught me re-raising with A high in a small Luton fessie event) so i thought id play it nice and basic when the flop came out 4c5c4h. I check raised him to 2k after he bet 800 on the flop. He flat called and the Qc came on the turn. Im looking at him as it hits and he just had that dont look at me look about him. Fuck i think, he has QQ in the hole. We check check. River is a K and after i value bet he ships it all-in after a speech. LOL. Hate to make big laydowns, i wish i could say i always went with the statistics, but i knew what he had and i trusted myself. I said he must have QQ and he showed me one, which reaffirms my judgement. Probably a terrible laydown but sometimes you just get a feeling.

Next hand im down to 6.5k from a 10k starting stack (i know, makes the WSODONKAMENTS look shocking) and i raise to 600 on the button with 1010 after lag limps in ep. The BB comes along for the ride and the J107 flop with 1 spade was as good as it gets. This young asian guy tries a feeble bet of 600 into a 2k pot. Just check to make sure the kids pulse aint going, his kneee isnt jabbering and that he can talk freely and im all-in for another 6k. Hero dwells up for eternity before calling with Q9 spades. Insta 8 and i know im gonna dodge my boat, which i do. I have to use flushies fav and mutter "neverends" as i calmy go to the bar, the loose guy opposite tells me its not my night. Really? Really? No.

So immediately afterwards im railing him annd he suffers a lovely donkament. He raises pre with AA, guy flat calls, flop comes KJ4. Guy checks, Rob bats out for 2k, guy min raises him to 4k, Rob decides he's a mug and ships all-in, guy insta calls with K7. A on the turn puts a 4flush out which hits on the end. Rob was a little harsh to the guy, i think donkey might have left his lips, but he apologised afterwards and we buggered off to play cash at Luton.

The holdem game was full of nits so i decided to wait until they got a bit pissed/tired and have a game with Snatty, the Judge, Damon D'Cruz and a couple of other guys. Omaha Dealers choice with 4,5 or 6 cards and hilo option. Loco game. I re-raised pre with As2sAdKdKJ10 after working up to 200 and had that wonderful feeling when the board came A26 rainbow. I led, well aware of the str8 possibilities, but despite even Alan Geddis's presence could not entice a caller. Made one bluff later with the bare Ace before getting 6-outered by Damon on the end for a quater of a big pot. Table broke and i saw a drunk guy i know in the holdem game and a few lags playing 6 handed, ideal. I sat with £150, raised to £12 the second hand with KK, drunk guy (who is very nice) called. Flop of J63 looked harmless and i led for £20, he rr to £75, he's drunk, im all-in he has J5, q 5 on turn. Marvellous. Live poker is most deffo rigged.

Good luck to all the players i know in Vegas, although none of you have done fuk all yet i know some of you are very good prospects in the coming events.

Next big one for me is the Newcastle GUKPT. I was really hoping BlueSQ might invite me to do the blog updates again. I reckon im at least evens as i owe Mike a few quid. :) Otherwise i guess ill have a bash at some satellites.

Currently the big news is me and Zan are starting to save for a place of our own. Not sure where yet but hoperfull Hertford or Ware, St.Albans having grossly inflated house prices. Next update on Thurs prob. Thankyou all for reading.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'd love to invite you to Newcastle Alex - are you free?

I'll collect the £50 there ;)

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apologies for the suck out on Sunday night Alex, thought you might mention it !!!!

Good luck


11:27 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Yes mate im free unless i luckbox a seat. £50? i think it was £80 mate. But 50 is fine :)

Sean, lol. didnt even know you read this. How did you finish at the end? I love that J5 hand, i think you genuinely thought you wre winning. p.s what did you have when you re-raised Chris £200?

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep usually have a look a couple of times a week.

I finished up about £150, the hand with Chris is a bit blurry but I must of had something big.

See you soon (I better have a few less beers next time)


8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Critising Brian Towsend's play lol
He makes approx 1mill a month on hold'em, are you really in a position to criticise?

12:00 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

LOL. George Bush Sr is the most powerful statesman in the world. Does that mean he has the best leadership qualities?

I wasnt criticising his play i just thought it was a pretty sick bad beat, which it is.

Dont know who you are but all opinions are always allowed to be expressed here.

2:03 AM  
Blogger dibble said...

congrats on the news mate - i hope you find somewhere nice :)

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the blonde report from the WSOP 5k short handed. Tony G doubles up with 3 7 vs AJ and then immediately afterwards with 4's vs AK. Dutch Boyd says "you're the loudest luckiest donkey i've ever seen". Tony G says "i'd rather be a lucky donkey than an unlucky one."
Marvellous stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed that, so funny, reminds me of conversations I held with some of the old boys in the early days at Luton.
Pleased to here the cash is going well and that you and Suz are making the big move.
Speak to you soon, all the best
The Artist

9:31 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Cheers Dibs, ill be decorating like you by next summer hopefully :)

Cheers for well-wishes Artist, when you coming back down m8? And more to the point have you got my £350 yet? If not, get a job ;)
Nice to hear from you son.

7:19 PM  

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