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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

LOL. You have to laugh otherwise i think id cry. Dropped 4 buyins tonight. Tried cutting down the tables and just playing poker. 4-tables of playing my A game. Got off to a good start but then the callers started. My 2 favourites from the evening.
Im dealt 22. I raise pre, guy re-raises me minimum. OK, plenty of notes on the guy, ill try and hit a set or outplay him, i have good notes on him after all. Flop, 335. Good flop for my hand. Normally anyone who gives me action here has me beat but i know this guy is a donk so ill win this pot. I check to let him C-bet. He obliges, betting 2/3 of the pot. I re-raise by 2*, telling him im going nowhere. He goes all-in. Bollox i tell myself, wrong read, however, i trust my instincts due to great pot odds and call the extra. He flips AKo and of course it comes. Great.

Next super hand. Guy raise my BB, I re-raise pre with AdKd. Flop comes KcQd7d. I check, he bets, i raise, he calls. Turn another Q. I check as iv put him on J10/smaller flush draw/KJ. He goes all-in, i call the bet. His hand...........Q9o.
What am i doing wrong?

And the oddest thing? It only seems to be happening on ipoker. On crypto im running real good, playing nice poker and swelling the roll.

Welcome break from this fuckfest coming up. Is there a break even point when the long term catches up with you? You hear so much bollox about "dont call raises with trouble hands, hands like KJ get you in trouble" like fuck they do. Ill prolly start to get the variance upswing when im 60.


Blogger Amatay said...

Mate, sounds like ur having a nightmare. Seen u on msn alot recently grndng ur ass off no doubt. t wll change eventually, gl

12:17 PM  
Blogger Pab said...

If you are a good player post flop then calling a raise with 'toruble' hand is not a problem in cash games IMO.

Not a big fan of your 22 vs AK play, but ive done much worse one more than one occasion. :-)

Hope things turn round for ya on ipoker as there is shit loads of value in the NL games

5:31 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Yeah, i agree the 22 hand was giving a lot of action but the guys money was there for the taking. I wanted it 1st, though prolly coulda picked a better spot.

Amatay, yes m8, iv been grinding like a mofo. Good night tonight though :)

3:58 AM  

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