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Friday, June 08, 2007

Win some, lose some, win some more, earn your crust.

Played on the Strongbad991 VC account tonight, did ok. Im playing on the .50/.1 tables still, trying to work out where i went wrong this week with the nikinblinds BluSQ acount. Its such a different game to 1/2 and 2/4. Dare i say its tougher?

Not a bad night, not gr8 but not too bad. Made one error on 1 table where i think i should have passed. Strong solid skilled player limps in mid pos. Im in BB with 84. Flop comes 487 2 spades. I bet, he raises, i flat call. (mistake no.1?). Turn comes another 8. I check, he bets, i call. River, 2s. Board now showing 48782 with 3 spades. I bet the river, he goes all-in and we were both very deep for a .50/1 table $300. I seriously considered passing. He's not shite enough to overplay a str8/flush here on a paired board and he raises with all pp's preflop. That leaves 87 as the only hand i can put the guy on. I make the call, get shown the nuts and wish i'd passed. Needless to say i left the comp to chill. Sometimes its almost like playing omaha on these tables, ur literally looking for the nuts all the time. Bluffs dont really work on a big scale iv found, but i make a fair bit from small nicks and re-nicks.

Eneded up clearing 4 buyins profit for the night, which was acceptable seeing as i had the above fuck-up and (only) 1 KK v AA coup all night. Iv really tightened up massively for these 6-seaters. Open raising with cards down to J9s and (v.occasionally) the lower sc's ONLY from the cutoff and button and sparingly. Normally im just waiting for premium but il play these hands for deceptive purposes if i see a calling wally with a lot of chips in the blinds. Opening in any position with any pp and AK/AQ, AJ anywhwere else but utg. Im re-raising with JJ+ and AQ+, interspersing my play by only flat calling with big pps if they are the same colour (thank's Mr Harrington for that gem). 8-tabling is deffo the way forward when playing this way, very rigidly and aggressively. Cont betting most flops unless they are too likely to have his opponents hand, ie J10x combos are not ideal. Interestingly cont bets are succeeding almost without fail on Qxx and Kxx boards about 80% of the time id imagine. these are ideal flops for cont bets, 1 big card and no draws mean opponents fold a lot. If they call then i have to work out if they are passive enough to have a pp lower than said big card and fire again or give up.

When i come back from Majorca (im leaving tomorrow) ill be fresh and ready to take nikinblinds to a new level. Im going to write off the 1st load i lost as learning money and win it back in one week.

As ever the crypto grind is going well.

gl all, blog in 1 week time.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Have a good rest on holiday m8.

PS, where do you find the time to update your blog so much? Can I S/C you to do mine for me? lol

7:57 AM  
Blogger Amatay said...

nothing u can do with the 84 v 87 hand once u got to the river. On some hands u just have to accept that ur gonna go broke

5:04 PM  
Blogger dibble said...

yeah - I almost certainly call there too mate. ul. does he do something similar with A8s perhaps?


10:22 PM  

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