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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sick session just ended. 9 hours on a Saturday is not my idea of fun. Really need to +wok on my warm-up time. 9-tabling tonight and played my usual abc tag for about 2 hours b4 going nuts and forgetting when i was bluffing or value betting. Worked out well though as i got some crazy action on some big hands that was totally unwarranted. I know its a bit naughty, but iv got into the habit of showing big river bluffs lately. I just have to show them and am pretty sure there's only a couple of regs on ipoker who notice them. Maxwell, Tursampe and aceee are about the only ppl im clashing with on a regular basis that i can NEVER stack.

Aceee in particular had my no totally tonight. I raise pre with QcJc $8 from the co, he calls from sb and bb comes for ride. Flop K102 avec 2 hearts. Checked to me, i bet biggish, acee min raises like a donk and im thinking poss K10/22/nfd. Turn 7h. He checks i bet 1/2 pot, he insta calls. River 3h putting 4 hrt board out there. I LOVE this card esp after he river checks, his c/r river stats are tiny, he nrly always bets for v on the end. I think for a bit then bet $85 into $180 pot. He times down b4 calling with 222. He then says i put in a vbet-lookalike bluff so i figure im gonna have to milk him a lot b4 trying shit v him again. Plenty of donks got me out of a $500 hope pretty quick tonight, for a little profit.

1st game of the season tomorrow and im looking forward to it, fitness levels are shite but ill try me best. Bit inspired after watching fab+ co destroy Derby today and particularly gutted i didnt put a fat bet on the boys at the start of the season when Henry left. SO glad they are performing well, once suns die out smaller stars shine more brightly.

On a totally diff tangent was watching Simon Cowell (sp?) and Jonathan Ross tonight on their respective tv shows. I love Rossy, seriously he's my idol and i think Simon is quality, pure brutal honesty should be more prevalent in our lives.

Also, masses of GL to DTD in their upcoming court case against the tyrants of the casino world, lets hope the judge gets his moral hat on and sends the opposition packing. Most likely though someone will slip someone a wod of large and that'll be the end of it, but gl nonetheless.

Off to the Vic sometime this week to rail a few ppl in the ept (oh to dream of playing in that) and also scope out the refurbishments. C'mon flushy, a win is needed!


Blogger Div said...

"I LOVE this card esp after he river checks, his c/r river stats are tiny, he nrly always bets for v on the end."

Alex, this quote caught my eye. How do you keep track of this when you are 9-tabling?

Is it that you've played this person a lot and know in advance that's how they play (i.e. no technology assistance), or do you have some sort of stat in PokerTracker that you have on screen with PAHUD or Gametime+ that is a pointer to this style of play?

1:00 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

I use poker tracked on ipoker. I have to have a lot of overlap sadly but it does allow me to see who im playing which is handy. Also had notes on the guy that said he wasnt trappy.

2:56 PM  

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