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Monday, August 13, 2007

Been playing a bunch on ipoker, through BlueSQ and VC, also DTD are back up and running it looks like so ill have to start messing around with crypto again. Still got that fever, funnily enough glandular fever is a virus, so there's diddly squat they can do about it, bet you didnt know that! However, im doing all the sensible things and feeling ok during the day. Its just the sweats at night that kill me.

Played a couple of tournies on the weekend, the 500k giveaway and a sat on VC that was basically a 3k added tournie. Did shite in both but they reminded me just how bad online tournament players can be at times, it was horrible. I really am glad i got the MTT bug out of my system whilst i was young (lol). To play them for your living would be a nightmare, im sure it shortens your le.

Online cash is going well, im playing 1/2 and some 2/4 on ipoker on 2 different accounts, which is really annoying as my player notes dont crossover, but i dont mix levels so its ok. 8 tabling 1/2 is clicking now, went a while without any hit but iv had two 1.2k+ winning days in the past 4, shame i tilted off most of day one's, purely because of 1 hand. Im quietly confident ill be at 5/10 by December, which is far earlier than i thought possible. Im not putting any pressure on myself, the money is coming in slowly and steadily from my many fingers and i need to get the house money together by Jan at the latest.

I feel like im playing far better poker now, PT has helped me eliminate a few hands that just were'nt making the money, 22-55 for example, over a 60k sample size they are all losers. I know where my weaknesses are, i make far too many ego calls. I know exactly what a guys cards are, and im so frustrated the donkey luckboxed a 3 outer that i'll call just to see. I also can get way too overinvolved in pots where the hands someone has are limited and he almost certainly has you beaten. Example @200nl ws raise to $7 with AA stacks 100bb deep, 2 callers. Flop 10,5,2 rainbow, we bet, 1 caller. Turn, 7, we bet, min check raise from him. Now at 2/4 or v a nut i could assume A10 here, other overpair here, but in all likelihood he has trips here. Im slowly conditioning myself to take stock in these situations and recognise that a check raise on the turn from a nit is almost always the immortal nuts. Also lost a fair few huge pots making very audacious bluffs where my oppo could never fold as he didnt even realise what the str8 draw was. Iv been trying to get back some of that bet efficiency at the mo, it seems reluctant in returning.

One thing i deffo might be doing is playing another gukpt event this year ~(or 2). The structure is so good that the skil edge is a lot greater for the better players. I would like to play the finale but im not forking out 3k. We shall see, Plymouth or the Vic seem likely other main events.

Oh, and iv been informed that my article is in this months insidepoker magazine, get out there and read that bad boy!

Apologies for crapness of blog at the mo, i cant be arsed with entertaining writing as i now have the prospect of another sweaty night (and the missus aint even here du-dum). CYA all.

Im happy with my "me" management now aswell, if im tired i take a nap, if i make a big mistake, i take a break, row with the GF, turn it off. These little responses really do help and are almost as valuable as table selection.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gl mate - best wishes!

keep posting huh?

7:13 AM  
Blogger Pab said...

keep the cash game work up mate, trust me leads to a lot more flexible lifestyle, and keeps the blood pressure down.

take it easy


2:02 PM  

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