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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Glandular mofoing fever. Thyroid (i think?) glands have swollen up like golf balls under my chin and im sweating out a good 4 seperate duvets a night. Disgusting, feel horrendous. GUKPT ME Luton was a non-event for me, i played 3 critical hands and a couple of minors which went as follows.

UTG+1 opens to 600 at 100/200 level, call call call im in the BB with 1010 re-raise to 2600 and take it down, my image utter granite and i reasoned it would be dominoes if i can get past obsevant tight utg player. Starting stack always hovered between 7k and 11k, 1 premium hands in 7 hours, QQ wins blinds uncontested. Made 1 resteal versus rookie with AJ coming ott with uber image and him folding AQ, might have stirred him up a bit sadly. Then massive mistake no.1 Nothern big bloke to my right (seemed gruff but ok, if you forgot about his "problem" downstairs- no idea but your opponent contantly undoing his belt is unnerving) raises to 700 on the button with blinds 150/300 25 ante. I have 9k as does he, and iv got a good line on his betting patterns. In the end i elect to flat call with 1010, let him cbet and take it off him on a non scary board. Ian woodley now jams from the BB for 6k and i have a shitty decision. I dont regret folding, but i wish i had taken longer over my decision, gambling earlier would have allowed me to play my real game. Should have called.

By now i had realised that there were lots of chips on the table and stacks were defining, i could not afford to miss out on the big implied odds portion of the tournie, where the stacks are still so deep that you can play stackbuster hands without affecting your stack too much. It was alos apparent that there were 2 guys on the table who were total dead wood, both with chips that someone was destined to get.

Exit hand, (rookie, let me whine for once m8 :) ) rookie raises utg to 1200 with a stack of 15k back. Folded to me in the cutoff with 1010 and im willing to chance he doesnt have it, with Ashby and another shortie in late pos he will be limping with monsters here a large % of the time. I shove 8k, trying to represent a big pair and he goes into the tank. After he goes into such a long dwell im going through his hands, cant be AA/KK. Might be QQ but im certain rookie cant fold that here. Could DEFFO be JJ or AK/AQ. I doubt he will want to race off half his chips so i try to confuse him into folding with "thats good, he's taken so long i must be infront". Wrong answer as wonderboy thinks he's definitely racing and calls off half his stack with AQ. Maybe im out of live tournament strategy circles but i cannot see how he can call here. The TIGHEST player on the table has a range that crushes this hand, and you want to CALL off 1/2 ur stack.
There, frustration vented, ill say no more.

Was going to go out on the lash with the players tonight, but realistically im going nowhere for a while. Im foul when im ill and luckily im rarely ill. But this fucking bug has meant i cant play online, so its me and Harry Potter at the moment. We have just got hold of the penultimate Horcrux and bashed it about with a basilisk tooth. Sounds fun.

With a little luck ill be back onto DTD next week and ill be able to play some proper sessions on BlueSQ where i need to start winning again sharpish. The next lump needs to be in soon for the house and the missus is whining worse than i whinge about losing a coinflip.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Get well soon m8.

Nice £500 comp in Torquay next weekend :)

8:23 PM  
Blogger reevio said...

Sounds like you talked him into calling as an underdog. Keep doing that and you'll be ok.

11:49 AM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Talking Rookie into calling is like getting a kid to eat sweets!!


6:44 PM  

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