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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Live players are (mostly) donkeys. Its official.

Been spending most of my time this week @ Luton, working on a tournament game that puts a lot of emphasis on reading players and making lots of moves 2 tables out. Im trying desperately to qualify for this league job before i go on hols and iv had some success (in spirit). I came 3rd on the £10 rookie night :) but unfortunately 17 rebuys dented my profit, ran into the 1 guy i told myself not to bluff and had brain flutulitus. Played cash after and lost a big pot with A10 on an A102c board to AcJc and running clubs. The guy was nice though so i didnt mind soooo much, unlike that hideous Russian that seems to be resident nowadays.

Last night played the £50+£50 job and finalled as big CL, donked off a few then got involved in a 120k pot (240 in play) 5 players out with the set v the overpair, i hate rivers. Then played juicycash where there were some of the biggest donkeys on the planet sitting in. 1st hand holding 53 in the BB its all checked round. Flop 358 i check, ep makes it 15, called in 4 spots, i make it a tonne, he sets me in, i dwell call as i fucking HATE bottom 2 pair in nlhe deep cash and realise that yes he deffo is shite enough to be overplaying a big overpair. I call, and i got the feeling the 8 on the turn didnt help my cause. Sure enough this twat wants to get in 150 BB with 99 in an 8 way pot postflop.

I reload and then had one tricky hand v the biggest tard on the planet ever. No im really not joking. He is utterly useless, by far and away the worst player i have ever seen. I was rr preflop with JJ and flat called (6 handed this is dubious but id max'd the card and couldnt withdraw anymore :( Flop comes 10 high all hearts. He bets £75 again i have no heats and Jim McShane to act after me. Bleugh. He is an utter gambler and i have £275 behind, what is the best course of action?
I anded up putting him on an ace with a heart and this combined with the only decent player on the table to act after me made me fold. Very weak in hindsight.

I then got involved in a 6 handed QQ v KK coup for the lot and couldnt release queens (for once). MAybe his 3-bet pre stinks too much but the way the hand played (i limp re-raise the BB from the SB) i cannot release.

Getting ready for a massive weekend of cash online, blockbusters tomorrow evening to get a few DVD's and then its (literally) set-mining 8 tables low stakes @ a time until someone msn's me about a fishy 5/10 game and i do my cockles.

Funny thing about this game, the deeper you get into it, the sicker it gets.


Blogger dibble said...

gl mate :) I'd msn you but it's tricky you know?

12:31 AM  

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